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TechBytes with Len Shneyder, VP of Industry Relations at Twilio SendGrid

Could you tell us about your current role and the team/technology you handle at Twilio SendGrid? As VP of Industry Relations at Twilio SendGrid, I represent the company among various industry trade groups that range from the anti-abuse community, such as the Messaging, Malware, Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), to policy-focused organizations and Email Marketing forums. can has been part of the fabric and underlying growth of the internet since the first email was sent in 1971. As a result of email’s pervasive…

Twilio SendGrid’s Email Deliverability Services and Their Role in Optimizing Email Marketing ROI

Marketing teams spend significantly greater on their Email Marketing compared to other technologies. For every $1 spent on a campaign, email marketing delivers an ROI of $44. How concerned are you about your Email Marketing campaigns not delivering this ROI? With all the latest Marketing Technology available to the modern marketers for Automation, AI, CRMs, ABM and Live chat, it’s easy to lose sight of what's wrong with your Email Marketing campaigns. Of all the technologies that a marketing teams leverage, email was…