Twilio SendGrid’s Email Deliverability Services and Their Role in Optimizing Email Marketing ROI


Marketing teams spend significantly greater on their Email Marketing compared to other technologies. For every $1 spent on a campaign, email marketing delivers an ROI of $44. How concerned are you about your Email Marketing campaigns not delivering this ROI?

With all the latest Marketing Technology available to the modern marketers for Automation, AI, CRMs, ABM and Live chat, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s wrong with your Email Marketing campaigns. Of all the technologies that a marketing teams leverage, email was found to generate the highest ROI. 59% of the marketers agree that Email Marketing is a great ROI asset and it’s time to get personal with the subscribers.

Email is Key to Generating Revenue, But Are You Doing it Right?

In the current Email Marketing Automation ecosystem, Marketing Technology providers are continuously analyzing the sentiments and behaviors of their customers and how it impacts the buyer’s journeys. In 2019, these are the top challenges for any email marketer.

  • Issues with email deliverability
  • Growing number of unsubscribers
  • Incomplete identity verification and resolution
  • Personalization and Relevancy
  • Lack of subscriber segmentation
  • Lack of clarity from email optimization and A/B testing results

Remember this Figure ‘15%’

In this article, let’s analyze the issues with email deliverability. Leading MarTech analysts have provided some interesting statistics and observations from their recent research on email marketing. According to ReturnPath, 15% of emails never make it to the inbox! At so low deliverability rates, many businesses are struggling to engage their customers via email. Whether businesses have a dedicated in-house email manager or a small marketing operation that owns multiple customer communication channels, email is difficult to get right.

In this article, we will discuss about the recent announcement from Twilio SendGrid. It focuses on how the leading Cloud Communications platform would provide an in-depth data and consulting engagements to help customers become better senders and increase ROI for their email programs by improving the email deliverability rates.

These new solutions are available to businesses of all sizes, including bootstrapped startups and SBs.

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In an exclusive interview to MarTech Series, SendGrid’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Steve Sloan, spoke to us  about how these new announcements would benefit their customers.

Email Deliverability Benchmarks: How Optimized Strategies and Send Performance Analytics Help Boost ROI

MarTech Series: Tell us about your latest announcement on Email Deliverability? And how does this differentiate your services from what your competitors offer?

Steve: Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Service offerings provide customers with options for getting the support, education, detailed data and analytics, and expert guidance they need to ensure their email program is optimized and driving business results. The launch offers flexible assistance for senders of every size to receive access and value from Twilio SendGrid’s email experts that fits their needs.

The new offerings expand the reach of Twilio SendGrid’s existing services. Packages range from implementation services which guide customers through program setup, to one-time services that optimize strategies and send performance, to ongoing services where customers are partnered with dedicated email experts to optimize multiple aspects of their email strategy to meet long- and short-term goals.

Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Services differentiates from other competitor’s programs because of our extensive expertise.

Twilio SendGrid
via Twilio SendGrid

Our email consulting team alone has nearly 100 years of combined experience in email and hold close partnerships with the ISP, compliance, and delivery communities to fight spam and keep email safe. Twilio SendGrid is trusted to work with only the best senders, and has deep experience improving results across hundreds of customers with service offerings for every size and budget.

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MarTech Series: How does Expert Services help Twilio SendGrid customers?

Steve: Customers of all sizes can use Expert Services to increase their return on investment for their email programs with a variety of consulting, data analysis and managed service packages that work best for them. These services help senders better serve their customers with email and ensure they are sending the right email at the right frequency to wanted recipients.

All customers can now:

  • Benefit from Twilio SendGrid’s email experience from its large team of in-house experts and deep relationships within the email ecosystem.
  • Uncover optimization areas to maximize email return on investment.
  • Be more effective in their role with best practices, education and time-saving reporting and guidance.

MarTech Series: How is Expert Services solving a larger business need in the market for marketers and companies?

Steve: Email marketing is the most used medium for businesses to engage with current and potential customers with a proven ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. But with the complexity that comes with every email marketing campaign, our research found that 48% of marketers recognize that they can’t tackle all the best practices they want to for things like email design or deliverability.

Marketers need the right resources and support to ensure their messages reach the inbox and effectively engage their customers. Twilio SendGrid’s Expert Services gives developers and marketers the ability to optimize their email programs with the limited resources they have and maximize the ROI of each campaign.

More Bang for Your Buck

We understand that Email Deliverability is tough, but getting it right could exponentially impact your conversion rates, maximize ROI goals, and enhance reputation in the eyes of your customers. Here are the top resources featured on MarTech Series on Email Marketing:

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