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Marketing Technology Bulletin Covering the Week Gone By

Top Picks from MarTech Series. Original MarTech Insights from the Week Gone By Our staff writers compile a bulletin covering important news in the world of Marketing Technology. This bulletin is the best source of the major MarTech developments of last week. New Survey by Visual Objects Finds Generation Z Dominates YouTube While Other Generations Prefer Facebook The Websites People Use Most Varies Among Generations, a New Survey Finds. The Data Shows That Amazon’s User Experience Ranks High Among All Generations, Though,…

Wikimedia Receives Another $3.1 Million and Free Cloud APIs from Google

Google Is Partnering with Wikimedia in Its Search to Find the Next Billion Non-Native English Speakers Google is all set to extend its support to Wikimedia — Wikipedia's parent company to find one billion new users. To solidify its support, Google announced an additional $3.1 million to Wikimedia at The World Economic Forum. The investment also guarantees Wikimedia Editors free access to a plethora of top-notch Machine Learning Tools. The amount — $3.1 million — is being split, with $1.1 million going to the Wikimedia…