A Decentralized Metaverse, Metalovil Will Be Launched Soon

Metalovil will be launched on the 17th of January 2022. The MetaLovil is a flight-to-earn game that combines blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs in a 3D metaverse. MetaLovil consists of various climates and terrains, containing unique characteristics. From the beautiful plains covered with colourful flowers, the lava fields engulfed in flames, the treacherous swamps emitting poisonous gases, to the perished wastelands scattered with dead trees. Each region contains different vegetation, animals and uniquely developed cultures.

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It was like a jewellery box filled with precious treasures and riches, until the evil Demon King and his array of servants descended on the MetaLovil kingdom from a different dimension. Villages were destroyed, forts and castles were raised, and the world was slowly swallowed up by darkness. At this time, a brave adventurer would arrive in this world.

There is a variety of activities and different playstyles to explore, such as exploration, collecting equipment, mining and foraging, weapon and item crafting, base building, treasure hunting, surveying the vegetation and animals in different biomes, and much more. Embark on an adventure suited for you and create your own story in the MetaLovil Kingdom.

Future – Decentralized World

MetaLovil is a completely decentralized Metaverse, where each role is unique and special. The ownership of all items, land, and clothing, belongs to the exclusive owner of that asset. Project development, city filling and guilds within the Metaverse are all governed by the user DAO.

In MetaLovil, we take decentralization seriously. We believe that the truly decentralized metaverse should not just develop user governance, but establishment and creation is also the right of every user. Therefore, in the project development area of our Roadmap, the team is on track to build a decentralized simulator before Q2 2023, so that the world that builds MetaLovil will gradually achieve full decentralization.

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