Account Control Technology Holdings Digitizes Hiring and Onboarding Processes With PandaDoc Forms

PandaDoc, the leading all-in-one document automation software solution, is pleased to announce an enterprise partnership with business management and financial services company, Account Control Technology Holdings (ACT Holdings). PandaDoc has helped ACT Holdings achieve instrumental success with streamlining lengthy hiring and onboarding processes using PandaDoc Forms, the company’s latest product enhancement that eliminates the need for paper forms by providing a secure solution for capturing personal data with legally binding and compliant eSignatures.

ACT Holdings made the switch to PandaDoc after previously using another more costly eSignature product. PandaDoc was selected for its overall ease of use, depth of capabilities and predictable per-user pricing with unlimited documents. Crucial to their decision to use PandaDoc was the new Forms functionality, which has saved the human resources team about 40 hours a week of work and countless errors due to manual data entry.

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“PandaDoc has freed up time for us to do other parts of our jobs that were neglected because we were inundated with paperwork,” said Amanda Rominger, Director of Talent Acquisition at ACT Holdings, Inc. “PandaDoc Forms has significantly improved our ability to onboard new candidates faster, which is especially important when you can’t have people face to face in the office. With this improved onboarding process, the team can now focus on our massive hiring pool.”

The human resources department for ACT Holdings hires over 400 people monthly. The lean, mostly remote-working HR team had been manually sending paper documents for offer letters, onboarding paperwork, and company handbooks, which wasted the team’s time when it came time to file paperwork and locate specific documents for audits. ACT turned to PandaDoc Forms to digitize their documents in a secure and trackable central location with the added benefit of easily transferring communication from department to department.

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Launched earlier this year, PandaDoc Forms offers an integrated and seamless way to create, share and collect forms of all types. From contracts and registration forms, to terms of service and non-disclosure agreements, to applications and human resources documents, organizations and teams of all sizes can use PandaDoc Forms by simply embedding it on a website or sharing it via direct link — no recipient email or coding experience necessary!

“We’re proud that PandaDoc Forms has helped ACT Holdings experience such drastic improvements to their processes. Their story exemplifies our commitment to offer customers a simple, convenient and efficient way to gather, record, manage and process information to support a variety of business functions,” said Bernard Desarnauts, VP of Product for PandaDoc. “As we continue to expand into new industries and use cases, particularly with those needing robust eSignature capabilities, this product is a critical next step in helping to automate our customer’s workflows.”

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