Americans Desire THESE Technologies When Eating Out

  • 73% of Americans wish to order food at their table – the most desirable restaurant technology.
  • New restaurant features attract more custom, as 65% claim they would be more compelled to visit.
  • 71% believe new tech is an effective way to tempt customers.
  • Over three quarters (77%) expect restaurants to be utilising new technologies.

We’re all partial to exciting new technologies. Whether it’s the newest smart phone or speaker, we all yearn to get our hands on it.

Technology encompasses us, but not only in the obvious way of personal gadgets. We can often overlook how it enriches many aspects of our lives. In particular, when we go out to eat.

Americans Desire THESE Technologies When Eating OutTo rejig our memories, surveyed 1,689 Americans on their attitudes towards restaurant technologies. Here’s what they thought.

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 It’s no surprise that self-order kiosks are the most familiar tech to Americans at 80% – most McDonalds and service stations now feature these. This is followed by:

  • Ordering food via a mobile app (73%)
  • At-table food ordering (71%)
  • Immersive dining experiences (51%) *
  • Digital-electronic bill payments (40%)

A clear priority emerges with the type of tech we want to see. American people desire an easy/convenient experience that also engages them – hence the most desirable tech is at-table food ordering (73%), followed by micro call buttons (66%) and immersive dining (61%).

Closely following are:

  • At-table digital feedback services (59%)
  • At-table food tracking (59%)
  • Interactive menu experiences (49%) **
  • Electronic bill payments (45%)

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And the least favoured restaurant technologies are:

Wait list management software (37%) ***, built-in games while you wait (37%) and facial/fingerprint recognition payments (27%).

A resounding number of respondents expect restauranteurs to implement new technologies – 77% expect it, 18% don’t, and 5% don’t mind.

Not only this, but new tech will evidently attract more custom. 65% of Americans are more intrigued by a restaurant utilising innovative tech. This is compared to 20% who aren’t, and 15% who say they’re not sure.

Overall, Americans are in favour of new restaurant tech. 71% believe tech will successfully entice customers into visiting. 15% don’t, while 14% are sceptical, explaining it depends on the tech.

Finally, when asked how likely they are to eat at a restaurant featuring these technologies, most believe they will. 28% answered very likely, followed by likely (21%), somewhat likely (15%), unlikely (12%), neither likely nor unlikely (11%), somewhat unlikely (8%) and very unlikely (5%).

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