AUDIENCEX Launches Admatx, a Self-Service Platform That Democratizes DSP Access for Small and Middle-Market Agencies and Brands

Following a Successful Beta, Admatx Debuts to Empower SMB & Middle-Market Performance Advertisers With Access to DSP Enterprise Technology

AUDIENCEX, the leading performance platform built for omnichannel marketers, announced the launch of Admatx, the company’s highly innovative new self-service DSP, built with the goal of democratizing access to enterprise-level programmatic technology for SMB and mid-market performance advertisers.

Following February’s successful closed beta launch, Admatx is now live to all advertisers, both brands and agencies, regardless of size or media budget. Through a highly intuitive, self-service platform, marketers can fully manage media-buying and omnichannel campaigns without the steep cost and expertise needed to assemble an in-house solution. This game-changing platform allows marketers to leverage the best-performing technology but without the need for experienced internal buyers and the challenge of meeting costly spend minimums.

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“The Admatx beta proved what we knew to be true, middle-market performance advertisers are hungry for a self-service solution that empowers them to fully manage their own omnichannel campaigns. The sheer magnitude of cost and technical demands have restricted options for brands and agencies to bring their programmatic media buying in-house – the core reason we built Admatx – today we can finally shatter that barrier and fully democratize DSP access,” explained Jason Wulfsohn, co-founder and CEO of AUDIENCEX.

Initial results from the closed beta of Admatx reflected broad success regarding both the platform’s functionality and ease of use, in addition to its ability to drive scalable performance outcomes for marketers. Campaign results from brands involved in the closed beta consistently delivered high win rates in real-time bidding auctions, success further enhanced by third-party data integrations and sophisticated targeting tactics.

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“With initial campaigns meeting, and often exceeding, beta-user KPIs, Admatx answers the market need for a robust self-service solution, predicated upon the goal of creating full autonomy within an advertiser’s programmatic campaigns,” said Brittany Wray, VP of Product at AUDIENCEX.

As the most comprehensive integrated platform built for performance marketers, AUDIENCEX provides powerful performance solutions for brands and agencies seeking to embrace strategies that are both omnichannel and full-funnel. In 2022, the company aims to elevate the quality of performance for its customers through tech innovation, and by delivering its solutions to a broader range of marketers historically unable to access the power of enterprise-level platforms.

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