B2B DecisionLabs Research Firm Launches New Testing, Tools, and Advisory Practice

New subscription service promises to improve on traditional analyst firm observations, inferences and commentary with better science-based research, proven tools, and advisor doers.

The traditional B2B analyst model is based on supplied survey data and self-reported opinions, resulting in speculative inferences drawn by disconnected observers. A new research and advisory service, launched today, seeks to replace that model with science-backed studies rooted in rigorous experimentation, measuring real buyer reactions, and validated in actual field experiences implemented by the advisors themselves.

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“Commercial leaders face enormous pressures to perform at the speed of change. Waiting for so-called best practices, observations, and inferences doesn’t cut it. What’s needed are tested tools, proven in science-based experiments and real-world experiences, with coaching from the doers themselves,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary of B2B DecisionLabs. “Simply put, would you rather engage with the person who did the work, or the person who interviewed the person who did the work? That’s the fundamental difference between traditional analyst firms and what we are launching today.”

B2B DecisionLabs has been conducting behavioral studies and neuroscience research, along with field trials and actual implementations of tested concepts for more than 10 years—with more than 250 global clients—as the research arm of Corporate Visions. In 2021, it became a separate operating unit running a quarterly research agenda and providing custom testing for clients under the rebranded business called B2B DecisionLabs. Now, in 2022, it is launching a new research and advisory practice available as a subscription, including tailored coaching and personalized testing that today’s B2B analyst firms can’t offer.

“It starts with a vast library of rigorously tested content, insights, frameworks, tools, and certifications unrivaled by any analyst firm in the revenue growth category,” Riesterer adds. “And commercial leaders get access to a network of researchers, consultants, and practitioners who develop and deploy the work versus relying on analyst observers commenting on what they think they are seeing in the market.

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“You will get detailed feedback from our doer advisors on how well you are using the tools inside your company and be able to test your approaches with potential buyers. It’s unlike anything you can get from any other analyst subscription,” Riesterer adds.

Through a recent acquisition of the Global Digital Sales Community (AA-ISP), B2B DecisionLabs also provides commercial leaders unique opportunities to compare notes with others like you in exclusive online and in-person communities. Access to personalized forums, interactive retreats, and peer-to-peer exchanges are additional benefits of the new advisory service.

“Everything is built for the way you want and need to lead today. For example, instead of waiting for one big, new strategy to be released at an annual conference by your typical analyst firm, B2B DecisionLabs will be researching and releasing new studies each quarter and providing bite-size, scientifically tested micro-strategies that will make a difference that very next quarter, versus 18 months from now when it’s probably too late,” Riesterer says.

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