Boomset Launches Game-Changing Features for Hybrid Events

Kicking off with native captioning and language translation, new updates released in the first week of May include session video branding, fully customizable and white labeled virtual event pages, live video upload/play for sponsored content and presentations, and numerous updates to the exhibitor experience to provide more engagement and data to prove ROI in one cohesive platform.

Pivoting from onsite to virtual solutions was a challenge that Boomset confidently took on in 2020. Founder and CEO, Kerem Baran, discusses the experience over the last year: “Boomset’s primary goal has always been to help event planners simplify events and deliver seamless experiences. We had some catching up to do in the virtual landscape but we’re now moving into the post-pandemic world with a more robust offering than ever before.”

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This is truly next-level technology and we’re thrilled to offer it to our customers and their event participants.” – Kerem Baran, CEO of Boomset

Many new and existing Boomset customers have successfully pivoted their events with the Boomset virtual platform released during the onset of the pandemic. After a year of discoveries and dedication, Boomset is leading the way as a market differentiator for both virtual and physical events with the launch of the latest features.

The company is one of the only event solutions providing the new captioning tool natively within its own web and mobile event platform. Baran states: “This is truly next-level technology and we’re thrilled to offer it to our customers and their event participants.”

Event organizers can customize their events for any audience, in any language, while immensely benefiting the hard of hearing or those viewing content without audio turned on. It holistically engages attendees in the language of their choice, without the need for additional plugins or third-party contracts.

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“Content is what attendees value most from events and we want to make the experience as enriching and secure as possible. We are pioneering the way to make it easier for organizers to create a more accessible event world,” Baran adds.

As in-person events make a comeback, Boomset confidently moves forward with touchless functionality and various solutions to help planners transition into hybrid and in-person events, already in motion with numerous Boomset customers. As a category leader in hybrid event technology, Boomset is set to deliver success for events and their participants worldwide.

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