Bubblr Inc. Announces Open Source Platform for Developing Ethical Digital Solutions

Bubblr, an Ethical Technology firm focused on the development and commercialization of mobile technologies, today announced that it will make its patented IP available to developers and companies alike as an open source platform for the development of ethical consumer-facing, B2B, and academic digital projects and products.

The Bubblr platform will enable developers to create advertising-free networks, autonomous payment platforms and a host of other private, decentralized and distributed applications across a broad range of industries and non-profit sectors. The platform will also creates new monetiztion opportunities for content creators, and Bubblr will bring together industry leaders, content champions and developers around the world to embed all or parts of the new monetization code into their own apps.

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Rik Willard, Bubblr’s Chief Strategy Officer, said, “Our platform will be designed in a manner that encourages other to join with us to create a better, more secure, and fair Internet through the development of next-generation web tools and products. Our PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) automatically embeds ‘ethically sound’ code into mobile apps, which creates a watershed moment for creators who want to Do Well by Coding in the Good.”

Bubblr CEO Steven Saunders, added, “Our mobile-first approach embeds a healthy viral component from the start, which we believe will create a myriad of opportunities for developers, creators and entrepreneurs to build apps in ways that were not even possible a year ago.”

Release of the company’s first platform version currently in development is slated for release at the end of Q1, 2022. Bubblr has invited a short list of key stakeholders to help create plug-and-play frameworks that will assist developers of all levels of expertise to access the code’s most significant features, and to provide more advanced developers with a set of robust and flexible tools to build a better and more ethical digital future.

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