Cardknox Announces Integration with the Pax S920 Wireless Terminal

This New Integration Enables Businesses to Accept Contactless, EMV Quick Chip, and Magstripe Customer Payments on the Go While Benefiting From Cardknox’s Rate Optimization Technology and Robust Reporting

The Cardknox omnichannel payment gateway has completed its certification with the Pax S920, bringing merchants a wireless payment processing solution featuring sleek and customer-friendly hardware, competitive rates, and powerful Cardknox reporting to streamline business management.

The Cardknox gateway is a flexible payment solution that can be integrated with a wide range of hardware, software, and e-commerce platforms in order to provide businesses in many industries with secure and tailored payment processing systems. Cardknox’s third-party payment terminal option, the Pax S920, is a next-generation device that boasts a colorful touchscreen display and support for multiple payment methods like EMV quick chip, magstripe, and contactless (NFC) cards. With its lightweight design, superior battery life, and range of connectivity options—including Bluetooth, 4G, and WiFi—the Pax S920 is truly the perfect solution for retailers and other businesses that accept payments on-the-go or away from the counter.

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Users of the Cardknox and Pax S920 integration will have full access to Cardknox’s robust reporting in its merchant portal, as well as an extensive range of add-on payment features for in-store, online, and MOTO transaction processing.

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“The Pax S920 is the ideal device for merchants that are in need of a wireless payment processing solution,” says Cardknox CTO Yanky Weiss. “Businesses in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries will greatly benefit from this lightweight terminal that can accept customer payments away from the counter. It’s also a great option for non-profits and fundraisers that don’t want to be limited to accepting cash or check donations only.”

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