Contribution Platform on the Binance Blockchain Launches a Pre-ICO Sale


Contrib, a revolutionary business model, technology and solution for the premium domain channel, launched a pre-ICO phase today.

Contrib, a revolutionary business model, technology and solution for the premium domain channel, launched a pre-ICO phase today with it’s flagship utility token, CTB.

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Contrib is a transparent contribution platform on the Binance blockchain. The web-based platform creates value through crowdsourcing, equity compensation and leveraging on and off blockchain transactions.
Contrib’s transparent platform is specifically designed to utilize premium domain names and create a sustainable and socially conscious contributing network. Contrib’s primary business targets are domain portfolio owners and end users are visitors and contributors.

The pre-ICO phase is now the second ICO phase for CTB, the first happened on the ethereum blockchain and because of the rising daily transaction costs, Contrib quickly shifted gears to Binance smart chain, the third largest blockchain with the biggest stream of defi investors and enthusiasts and a steady growth with a $78B market cap.

With this second ICO, you can buy and stake your CTB tokens and earn more CTB tokens. The earlier you get in the biggest share of CTB rewards you will get. 500000 CTB tokens will be given away as rewards for staking your CTB. Contrib’s pre ICO token sale and liquidity mining will end in April 18, 2022 of this year.

The Contrib Platform
Contrib network effects of crowdsourcing around URL assets and its vertical software development strategy and virtual equity model creates scale within the network.

An example is a software application created for Contrib called iChallenge. Asset partner sites on Contrib like,,, use the iChallenge framework within Contrib to power the premium assets. The URL’s eventually become legal operating companies with contributors owning equity positions in the company for various time and or performance based contributions. This includes financial, service or product based contributions. Contrib is patterned to collect and create communities and users around the urls and distribute the virtual businesses in a cohesive aggregated business environment.

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Each unit has the opportunity to spin out of the network and become its own operating entity while getting the benefits of the network resources and effects of its affiliated partner assets.

The Best Domain Portfolios
Contrib is seeking partnership with the world’s best domain portfolios to add to its immense 20k premium brands network.

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