Digital data pioneer Datonics has launched its CTV data within the MadHive data ecosystem. CTV presents exciting opportunities for advertisers looking to reach audiences who are becoming more fragmented due to changing media consumption habits.

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According to recent research, Q3 2021 alone saw 650,000 pay-tv subscriber losses with a total of about 5.1 million subscribers lost by pay-tv providers from November 2020 – November 2021. Meanwhile, the CTV market continues to grow, with top publicly reporting vMVPDs adding about 680,000 subscribers in Q3 2021.

MadHive, an enterprise software platform that powers modern media, offers broadcasters and advertisers an OTT-first Device Graph that enables precise cross-device audience targeting. Built specifically for TV, MadHive’s real-time Device Graph powers local campaigns at national scale. MadHive also provides tools for end-to-end campaign optimization, sequential messaging, frequency control, incremental reach and attribution.

“It’s an exciting time in the digital advertising industry, with increased opportunity for marketers to engage with customers in new ways that leverage data to add tremendous value,” said Michael Benedek, CEO, Datonics. “We are happy to partner with MadHive and offer marketers increased touchpoints and possibilities for engagement, as well as valuable insights for measurement and increased campaign ROI.”

Datonics data is built on 300+ million monthly users, aggregated from a network of online websites and best-in-class specialty data partners, including 1,300 segments of search, intent, life-stage, behavioral, B2B, demographic, point-of-interest and past purchase segments. Datonics also offers an unlimited number of custom segments that can be built from keywords or location visits. Sample prepackaged segment categories include:

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● Automotive
● Business and Industry
● Casual Dining
● Retail/Footwear
● Finance & Money
● Sports
● Career & Employment
● Internet & Software
● Shopping Intent
● Gaming
● Style & Fashion
● Car Rental
● Discount Clothes / Rack Stores
● Tech Enthusiasts
● Home & Garden
● Education
● Electronics
● Clothing & Accessories
● Travel
● Retail/Department Stores

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