Dremio Named to CNBC’s ‘Top Startups for the Enterprise’ Inaugural List

CNBC and its panel of leading tech executives have identified open data lakehouse champion Dremio among 25 fast-growing startups likely to pique large enterprise interest

Dremio, the easy and open data lakehouse, announced it has been named to CNBC’s Top Startups for the Enterprise list. CNBC has debuted this list of 25 unranked companies to identify fast-growing startups that have the potential to partner with, be acquired by or receive investment from large enterprise organizations. Along with members of its Technology Executive Council (TEC), which includes prominent CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and CISOs, CNBC selected the companies recognized in the inaugural list.

“We’re thrilled to be included on CNBC’s new list of startups for enterprise that we see as prescient in outlining pivotal technologies for business,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO of Dremio. “Enterprises and their customers are increasingly data-driven, and the demand for data accessibility and analytics at scale without the limitations and inefficiencies of proprietary, expensive data warehouses is growing at a breathtaking pace. Dremio makes it possible for enterprises to institute responsible, centralized data governance and, at the same time, empower different lines of business within an organization—giving teams easy, fast self-service data analytics, with no compromises to efficiency, agility and security.”

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“Dremio’s open architecture means data can be engaged as an independent open tier and delivered as a product, with different teams using the processing engines that make the most sense for them,” added Bosworth.

Dremio’s open data lakehouse delivers the cost effectiveness and scalability of data lakes with the performance and functionality of data warehouses. Built on open source standards like Apache Arrow and Apache Iceberg, Dremio eliminates data silos and provides the flexibility to use any other processing engine on the same data.

“Open data lakehouses are gaining traction across a wide range of industries, as companies experience the complexity, lock-in and skyrocketing costs of data warehouses,” said Tomer Shiran, co-founder and CPO at Dremio. “When enterprises use Dremio’s open data lakehouse architecture and query acceleration capabilities, they’re minimizing how many copies of data they have in circulation, and they’re minimizing how many data pipelines they need to have. In ad hoc or mission-critical BI, they no longer need to worry about data marts, extracts and cubes, or rogue copies that come with data migration. That advances security and reduces costs dramatically, improving efficiencies across all aspects of the business.”

Dremio makes data consumable and collaborative for business users, data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists as they discover, curate, analyze, and share datasets in a self-service fashion with a seamless end-user experience.

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