Earth Day 2022: Forrester Advances Its Sustainable Business Practices

In celebration of Earth Day, Forrester announced its plan to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting its carbon emissions by more than half compared to 2019 levels by 2025. Environmental responsibility and sustainability impact the survival and growth of every organization, especially as the risks from climate change mount rapidly.

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According to Forrester, all firms must mature towards being future-generation-safe. To help business and technology leaders embrace sustainability as a business practice, Forrester has been leading research on key topics including green buying trends; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting; ROI of sustainable technology; green marketing; sustainable finance. In addition, Forrester has built a roadmap to mature its own sustainability practices to lower its carbon footprint, including:

  • Shifting to anywhere work. In December 2021, Forrester announced its anywhere work policy, allowing employees to choose when they will come into the office. This shift has helped cut down on employee commuting significantly, lower Forrester’s energy consumption, and optimize its office spaces more efficiently.
  • Assessing travel policies. Forrester has revisited its companywide travel policies to optimize internal and external travel.
  • Investing in sustainable IT. Forrester is on track to eliminate emissions from its data center by 2023 by continuing to accelerate the migration of more of its technology platforms and services to the cloud. Additional sustainable IT solutions include the use of energy-efficient computer equipment including laptops, screens and devices, server virtualization, data lifecycle management, IP telephony, videoconferencing, and recycling.

“We firmly believe that advancing our sustainability efforts at Forrester will make us a better partner to our clients and a more responsible corporate citizen,” said George F. Colony, chairman and chief executive officer, Forrester. “We also believe it strengthens our culture and instills a sense of pride and purpose for our employees, which is why we have formed an ESG steering committee to accelerate this important work. Forrester will also continue to develop sustainability research that will guide our clients on their journey to becoming future-generation-safe.”

Since its founding in 1983, Forrester’s global facilities and operations have had a small ecological footprint. The company continues to be proactive in its environmental sustainability practices, reducing the environmental impact of its business through various waste reduction practices, LEED-certified and/or eco-friendly buildings, recycling, and battery disposal.

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