Friendable, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Iconic Music Distribution Company Artist Republik, Expanding Fan Pass Livestream Offering

Acquisition will add approximately 100,000 active music artists, various music distribution services, increased revenues along with more than tripling the Company’s technology assets

Friendable Inc. (OTC: FDBL) (the “Company”), a mobile technology and marketing company, is pleased to announce its acquisition and business combination between Fan Pass Live and Artist Republik. This announcement marks the Company’s closing of this restricted equity-based transaction and confirms Artist Republik is now officially a Friendable, Inc. company, alongside Fan Pass.

This acquisition allows Fan Pass Live to leverage existing, new, and acquired technologies, along with the Company’s current resources, to ramp up the historical and ongoing revenues achieved by the Artist Republik music distribution services to date. The acquisition will solidify the platform’s all-encompassing suite of products and services as well as grow revenues, while delivering a multitude of expanded services that empower and allow artists, particularly independent artists, to gain more control over their music, positioning Fan Pass Live as the only all-inclusive artist offering.

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With a suite of artist-centric services that extend livestreaming capabilities and virtual performance options, this powerful combination of support and services offered by Fan Pass Live and Artist Republik will now include music distribution for all artists, while fans can enjoy access to a variety of artist channels across different genres, exclusive live events, behind-the-scenes content, artist merch and more. The offering also provides artists more autonomy and freedom over their own music, ticketing streams, blog/social promotion, custom merchandise development, beats/samples sales and more, all without being signed to a record label or giving up their creative rights.

“With the decades-long struggle artists face due to the confines of a record label company, we wanted to provide the opportunity for artists to regain control right from the start,” states Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO, Friendable, Inc. “The acquisition of Artist Republik is more significant than what lies on the surface, as we have also been able to retain the Artist Republik CEO and CTO as initial consultants, assisting with our integration efforts and expanded the offering. Additionally, the Artist Republik brand has received numerous accolades from trade and industry publications such as Billboard and Forbes magazines, which align perfectly with the press efforts of our current team at Lobeline Communications as they continue to spread the word about our brand to artists and the entertainment trade press in general.”

“It has and will always be a big part of our strategy to test multiple entry points or ‘doors’ that lead artists and fans to discover our offering, whether they come in through the music distribution door which leads to livestream service consumption or artists coming through the livestream, end up consuming music distribution services, our platform has come full circle,” Rositano Jr. continued. “Over the past 15 months, we had been following and discussing a partnership between our companies, as Artist Republik was moving toward the development of livestream services and Fan Pass was moving toward our own music distribution offering. As our management teams began to engage more frequently, the opportunity arose to combine our two offerings and truly offer a platform and services that would allow Fan Pass to push the boundaries of our offering in the music industry with a shared philosophy of truly putting the artist first. Our services are designed to elevate each artist, garner new fans, build awareness and exposure, and, most of all, build revenue that the artist keeps, rather than paying back debt created by label advances. We look forward to expanding the Fan Pass Live artist and fan community through this initial acquisition, and we plan to set the stage for additional acquisition opportunities alongside dynamic partnerships that will continue to fuel our growth.”

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