CrafterCMS Marketplace Includes New Google Plugins

The Marketplace for CrafterCMS Plugins and Blueprints now includes open source integrations with Google Analytics, Google Maps, and Google Tag Manager.

CrafterCMS, the leading open-source, Git-based headless CMS for enterprises, today announced that the CrafterCMS Marketplace now includes plugins and integrations with three popular Google services, including Google Analytics, Google Maps, and Google Tag Manager. These three new plugins join an expanding array of community-driven plugins for use by CrafterCMS’s growing user base of enterprise companies, government organizations, and high-growth startup companies.

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The CrafterCMS Marketplace features a wide range of high-quality plugins and site blueprints already, ranging from enterprise websites, a Gatsby-based blog, live and on-demand video streaming portals, corporate microsites, and headless commerce applications. These plugins and blueprints streamline the process of launching new websites and digital experience apps for organizations by taking away much of the mundane developer tasks.

“Our Marketplace makes it possible to assemble new digital experiences of all kinds quicker and easier than ever before, in most cases with no coding at all,” said Russ Danner, VP of Products at CrafterCMS. “The CrafterCMS Marketplace enforces version control, makes contribution of community-driven open source plugins easy, all while maintaining a high standard of quality and compatibility. The new Google plugins enable content and digital experience creators to easily incorporate Google-based analytics and advertising tracking into their CrafterCMS sites, and to build interactive maps into their end-user experiences.”

Along with the plugins currently available, It expects many more to be released soon as its open source community and partner ecosystem is developing new integrations and features that make it easy for content authors and software developers to build engaging digital experiences with simple drag/drop and no-code/low-code operations. You can find the latest blueprints and plugins available on the CrafterCMS Marketplace located at

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