Fuel Cycle Releases Delta Testing for Continuous Issue Tracking

Fuel Cycle, Inc. the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies, has rolled out Delta Testing, an ongoing issue tracking capability for continuous product development. Fuel Cycle’s new offering removes the risks of traditional alpha and beta testing by enabling ongoing, user-initiated feedback for more customer-led product decisions throughout the development lifecycle.

Every industry is now digital, and the stakes for getting products right are enormous. Across industries, digital leaders’ earnings growth outpaces laggards by 1.8x. But 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet expectations.

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Delta Testing is a new way for Fuel Cycle customers to capture continuous user feedback for improving hardware and software, including mobile apps, websites, and physical products. Within Delta Testing, conveniently located within Fuel Cycle’s Community platform, users can report bugs, request new features, and collaborate with other users on their feedback. Community moderators, product managers, and developers can respond directly to users, accelerating the cadence of user feedback applied to product development. In addition, Delta Testing is supported with enterprise-ready APIs to sync user feedback directly to existing systems of record.

Delta Testing is the next generation of beta testing, enabling practitioners to receive more than 3x the amount of feedback and collect actionable insights in half the time and cost. With Covid-19 having increased digital competition, user-centered design is more important than ever before. UX, Product, and Insights teams can accelerate product improvements across a multitude of use cases, including:

-Product Launch: Drive a successful launch through target market feedback
-Product Growth: Leverage your customers to successfully mature your product
-Customer Zero: Create a product culture through engaged employee testing
-Competitive Analysis: Collect actionable intelligence via your competitors’ customers  
-Product Feature Prioritization: Prioritize product features based on customer satisfaction

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Because today’s digital products are built continuously, businesses need continuous feedback to help inform ongoing improvements that keep up with always-evolving customer expectations. Many teams use alpha and beta testing to get feedback on products or services prior to releasing them into the market. But because those testing methods aren’t continuous, teams run the risk of incorporating outdated feedback which could lead to lost revenue, acquisition costs, and wasted R&D spend. The benefit of Delta Testing is that it enables the integration of ongoing feedback into all stages of the product development lifecycle, pre- and post-launch.

“Delta testing is an extension of our efforts to help businesses take action on customer and user feedback,” says Rick Kelly, Chief Product Officer at Fuel Cycle. “We think customers will find exceptional value by augmenting the continuous product development research they’re already doing on Fuel Cycle.”

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