Geekco Announces Vincenzo Guzzo as a Member of Its Board of Directors

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Corporation Geekco Technologies Inc. is honored to announce the nomination of Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo as director of the company.

In addition to being a renowned Canadian businessman for his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the local economy, Vincenzo Guzzo is a well-known television personality and President and CEO of Cinémas Guzzo, the largest independent chain of cinemas in Quebec as well as the third largest in Canada.

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“We are very excited to announce the selection of Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo and welcome him to the board of directors of our company, not only to benefit from his valuable advice, but also for the synergy he will create, thanks to his active contribution to the local economy. Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo will replace Mr. André Bergeron to whom we show our gratitude for the contribution he brought within our board of directors,” says Mr. Henri Harland, Co-founder and President of the board of directors of Geekco. “Mr. Guzzo’s involvement will benefit the company through his remarkable experience in the business field. In addition, we share his vision and his commitment to promote local buying and local businesses,” adds Henri Harland.

“The contribution Mr. Guzzo will bring to the board of directors of our company is another example of his dedication to Quebec’s economy. We are therefore very proud and privileged to be able to benefit from his invaluable advice, which will greatly contribute to the achievement of our mission and objectives as well as those of the shareholders and users of FlipNpik,” states Ms. Nadira Hajjar, Co-Founder and President of Geekco.

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“I am delighted to be able to contribute as an administrator of Geekco and to collaborate with this young, dynamic team to solicit the participation of a greater number of companies and institutions, to become active players of FlipNpik’s collaborative ecosystem and thus help promote local buying. Rest assured that their message of involvement for the benefit of local businesses and the local economy will be heard,” says Vincenzo Guzzo.

“We need greater commitment from the big players in the local economy to promote the solidarity and success of our businesses and to promote their business growth. FlipNpik’s offer represents a unique opportunity and an effective way for us to be good corporate citizens,” concludes Mr. Guzzo.

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