GeekHive Builds a Progressively Decoupled CMS on Drupal 8

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Marketing technology consultancy GeekHive developed a progressively decoupled Drupal content management system (CMS) to enable integration with third-party billing software for Buckeye Broadband, a regional telecommunications company. This cross-platform integration connects Drupal 8 with CSG cloud-based billing to create a seamless checkout flow that streamlines the customer experience.

Buckeye Broadband partnered with GeekHive to concurrently upgrade its CMS and migrate to the CSG billing system. After conducting a marketing technology assessment, evaluating the capability of the company’s existing technology to support its digital vision and business objectives, GeekHive recommended Drupal 8 as an appropriate scalable CMS solution and suggested Pantheon for website hosting to heighten performance and reduce dependency on internal IT resources.

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“We’re thrilled to see Drupal head in a future-ready direction with Drupal 8,” said Peter Ladka, President and CEO of GeekHive. “Beyond the platform’s signature flexibility, Drupal 8 opens the door to more advanced integration opportunities that allow content and data to elevate the customer experience.”

When implementing Drupal 8, GeekHive opted to take a progressively decoupled approach. The team built a JavaScript solution on top of Drupal 8, using the React.js framework, to build the interface and functionality needed to integrate with the proprietary billing system in the form of an HTTP API. A lower-risk alternative to the fully decoupled or headless CMS, the progressively decoupled model only separates a selection of features from the main platform, while maintaining its core functionality and out-of-the-box capabilities. Recognized for being able to satisfy all stakeholders of website management, both development and marketing teams, progressively decoupled CMS enables the addition of new front-end technologies without interruption to the content editing interface or workflow.

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“GeekHive took on a project that many others had a hard time wrapping their arms around and completed it on time and within budget,” stated Adam Pancoast, Digital Marketing Manager of Buckeye Broadband. “They were responsive, quick, and approached every meeting prepared and ready to provide a solution.”

GeekHive is continuing its partnership with Buckeye Broadband to support additional engagements, most recently focused on CX strategy and personalization for myBuckeye, the company’s customer portal application.

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