GZ6G Technologies Looks to Build External Stadium Technology Advisory Team for VenuTrax™ Data Analytics Platform

Company Offers venue data insights, Sponsorship management capabilities to Add In-Stadium Revenue Streams with Enhance Fan Experience

GZ6G Technologies Corp., an enterprise smart solutions provider for cities, stadiums, universities, and other large venues, announced that its Green Zebra Smart Labs division is working to identify a partnership outreach program with stadiums owners and cities throughout the United States seeking more information regarding smart solution technologies or upgrading venue infrastructures with smart technologies would be a great fit.

This partnership alliance program aims to reduce and solve challenging and time-consuming venue and user engagement issues by utilizing an innovative venue data analytics and artificial intelligence platform that connects to various smart technologies.  We are on a mission to expand venue experiences and user engagement capabilities.

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The Company is seeking strategic alliances for tech advisory with National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) teams and smart cities initiatives interested in participating with Green Zebra to enhance and review our proprietary venue data analytics solutions. Green Zebra believes these types of venues will benefit the most from Green Zebra’s technology as the large venue size and city points of interest is optimal in order to best showcase the robust features of the Company’s data analytics offering. All sports stadiums and airports, however, are encouraged to inquire.

Green Zebra Smart Labs develops customizable smart tech applications which takes the guesswork out of venue data analytics as its products are designed to gather statistics within the venue to produce usable data and beneficial action items. One of the venue data applications technologies created within Green Zebra Smart Labs helps venues translate their existing venue information, WIFI and IPTV system data into real time key performance indicators (KPI’s) that venue owners can easily understand, in turn creating a much better user experience based on how customers engage with various smart technologies throughout the venue location. Example: Monitoring real time WIFI or IPTV venue data and relevant user engagement at live events has the potential to increase revenue opportunities.

“We are creating and offering a disruptive data analytics technology platform to venue owner that includes artificial intelligence to help venue owners understand the past, present and potentially predict the future outcomes. This allows venue stakeholders greater insights to engage customers, manage expenses, improve revenue and operate the business more efficiently through data analytics.

“The pandemic created a significant downturn in sales and increased costs for many sports stadiums and arenas,” said Coleman Smith, CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “Green Zebra seeks to mitigate the financial damage to the industry created by the pandemic, but to find solutions that move stadiums forward and allows them to capture new, recurring growth opportunities. Our goals are helping cities and venues communicate better with their customers through venue experience technology such as IPTV and WIFI while visiting venue locations.”

Through VenuTrax™, a proprietary data analytics management platform for venues, stadiums can leverage smart solutions and data analytics to gain insight into customer trends in the past, present, and future to better market to attendees. These insights help stadium owners make informed decisions that pull information from past and present in order to recognize opportunities for monetization.

“We believe that strategic partnerships would significantly benefit stadiums with the opportunity to trial smart technology at their venues,” said Smith. “Post-pandemic, the sports and entertainment sector are on the precipice of significantly greater demand, and we are excited to enter into collaborations to deliver best-in-class service and technology, while utilizing the feedback we receive from venues to continually improve our solutions. This helps validate what I’ve worked on for the past six years; building this company to optimize consumer experiences at large venues and providing incremental revenue opportunities for the venues. It’s a win-win-win for all parties and will provide Green Zebra with expanded brand recognition in well-known and widely frequented venues.”

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