Habu Announces Snowflake Partnership to Power Data Clean Room Software in the Media Data Cloud

Offering Pairs Best In Class Infrastructure With a Flexible Suite of Data Collaboration Applications to Accelerate Business Growth for Brands While Providing Maximum Data Governance and Consumer Privacy

Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Clean Room Software, announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, that integrates Habu’s Data Clean Room applications natively on the Snowflake Media Data Cloud to scale data collaboration for companies.

Habu’s Data Clean Room software empowers brands to work in distributed data environments to glean insights and execute advanced data science use cases with minimal resources. By streamlining and accelerating data collaboration between partners, Habu enables companies to increase the velocity and value of data-driven initiatives.

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“At Disney, we’re setting a market standard for data accountability”

The power of this partnership enables Snowflake customers to leverage Habu’s intelligence applications while maintaining data security and without copying or moving the data out of Snowflake. This new data clean room solution puts the power of the Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud in the hands of business users with no-code modules and pre-built queries, expanding the universe of users who can extract value while freeing up data science resources.

“Our partnership with Habu enables Snowflake customers to design the level of transparency and privacy controls with their partners and customers, while maintaining data security and governance,” said Bill Stratton, Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising for Snowflake. “Together, we are best positioned to serve the rapidly growing global demand for Data Clean Room applications on Snowflake that automate analysis and deliver end-to-end outcomes that drive value for businesses.”

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“At Disney, we’re setting a market standard for data accountability,” said Lisa Valentino, EVP Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement. “As part of that process, we’ve engaged with Habu and Snowflake to support in expediting and scaling our Clean Room Data offering.”

Bringing together both companies’ focus on data privacy and ease of use, the new partnership improves the user experience by automating the process for collaboration throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Specific examples include enriching profiles, filling gaps in the customer journey, improving measurement, driving increased customer lifetime value, and business growth for brands.