Identity Digital and Zenfolio Partnership Empowers Photographers to Showcase and Enhance Their Digital Brands

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Powerful Zenfolio Platform with Unique and Secure .photography Domain Names Enable Photography Professionals to Craft and Showcase Their Online Portfolios With Confidence.

Identity Digital, a leader in connecting the online world with domain names and related technologies, announced a partnership with Zenfolio, the market-leading website builder and business resource for photographers. Professional and aspiring photography professionals take pride in their work and utilize their online portfolios to reflect their creativity, art, and passion. This new partnership gives them the latest technology tools to build their brand, use a distinctive and ownable domain name, and be discovered online.

Zenfolio is trusted as the leading technology platform for photographers with marketing, workflow, and e-commerce tools that enable a global community of photographers to grow and earn more from their businesses. Coupled with the options of .gallery, .photography, .photos, and .studio domain names, offered by Identity Digital’s domain extension portfolio, photographers can create descriptive, easy-to-remember digital identities to express their authentic selves and increase their visibility online. A photographer who chooses a .photography domain name makes an instant connection with prospective clients by showcasing who they are and what they do.

Moreover, industry-specific domains like .photography are more likely to be available, so photographers don’t have to compromise on their domain name. At the heart of their digital identity, they can use both sides of the dot to succinctly express what they do and why it matters. One of the biggest impacts to these business owners is improved SEO, making it easier for people to find and engage them online.

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Photographer Dani Brown says, “When my photography business became a full-time career, I knew I needed a better domain name. I’d heard of descriptive domains at a seminar and purchased on GoDaddy. My .photography domain helps me build my business brand and improves my SEO.”

Photographer Sol Basconcillo comments, “It’s one of the best things that has happened for my business. It’s clear and concise. I often have quick conversations with people and share my URL. When I say, people usually say, ‘Wow, that’s it?! It’s so easy to remember.’ I’m really glad I chose it.”

“Zenfolio provides a comprehensive solution of features and services that enables photographers to manage and grow a thriving photography business,” says Jason Egnal, Zenfolio CMO. “Identity Digital’s photography domain names help our customers get discovered in a competitive online world.”

“As more and more professional photographers choose a .photography domain, it’s becoming the differentiator among aspiring pros who want to express their digital identities in a clear and authentic way,” says Trang Nguyen, VP of Vertical Growth at Identity Digital. “Our partnership with Zenfolio helps meet our goal to empower photographers with the most advanced tools to enhance their digital brands and grow their photography businesses.”

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