Introducing (MSQ), The New Homepage for The Decentralized Web

Introducing (MSQ), The New Homepage for the Decentralized Web blockchain development firm ARK ECOSYSTEM, SCIC (ARK) is proud to introduce its latest product and initiative, MarketSquare. Touted as “The New Homepage for the Decentralized Web,” MarketSquare is a blockchain-focused social media platform that features business and services from around the industry. Major areas include Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based games and more.

Given the current landscape within the blockchain space, it is clear that many Web3 projects (which consist of decentralized apps that run on a blockchain) and their communities are fragmented, competing against one another for attention and visibility. Building on the ethos embodied by ARK of “no competitors, but only future partners,” MarketSquare hopes to bring these disparate groups together via a highly functional platform through which they can freely interact.

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Users can sign up for their own personal MarketSquare profile and begin exploring a range of reputable blockchain projects with ease. Moreover, project owners can create and curate their own project pages complete with accurate information, visual aids and social media links. Users can also rate and review these projects, providing project owners with feedback and the ability to respond to any comments they receive.

MarketSquare differs from sites like CoinMarketCap in that it is more community-oriented, relying on interaction between stakeholders rather than rankings based on price and market cap and sponsored content. Projects also maintain ownership of their pages, allowing for more meaningful engagement. Finally, the sheer range of content including blog posts, guides, videos and other forms of media make MarketSquare far more dynamic for users than existing sites that introduce users to various projects and exchanges.

MarketSquare focuses on educating the crypto community about trustworthy projects that are constantly evolving. By joining MarketSquare, projects gain access to a number of benefits including in-depth articles, one-on-one interviews and professionally produced videos disseminated across a wide range of social media platforms including MarketSquare’s official YouTube channel.

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“Education, learning and community are at the heart of the MarketSquare platform,” states Ray Alvarez, CEO of ARK Ecosystem, SCIC. “We are cognizant of the challenges the blockchain industry faces and believe that MarketSquare will serve as a major game-changer since it will incentivize and reward participation, engagement and collaboration.”

Feedback from partners and early users has been overwhelmingly positive with more and more individuals and project owners reaching out of their own accord to join the platform. With well-over 100 partners from across the sector already onboarded, MarketSquare is well on its way to achieving its long-term goals.