The Kelley Group: Crisis Communication Training for the New Virtual Wholesaler and Product Specialist

One of the first lines of support for financial advisor during a crisis is the wholesaler. These professionals represent the product firms in saying “We’re here for you.” They’ve developed relationships with advisors and are concerned with reaching out to them during challenging times.

While wholesaler support is most often represented by regular visits to the advisory team’s office, the coronavirus has severely limited, if not eliminated face-to-face meetings, and many advisors have been encouraged to work from home. This makes it nearly impossible for wholesalers to hold their routine visits.

As with many businesses during a crisis, a new approach is required for product wholesalers to provide on-going support for financial advisors. Hence the arrival of the “virtual wholesaler” who is reliant on technology to deliver an effective and supportive message to advisory teams.

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Brooke Kelley, co-founder of The Kelley Groups Intl., says, “While most wholesalers are trained for in-person interactions, many have never received training on how to make an impact using other mediums. During these challenging times wholesalers will need to quickly pivot and make the necessary adjustments so they can continue to add value.”

To address this issue, The Kelley Group is offering a 30-minute, complimentary teleseminar that provides the communication tools wholesalers need in order to listen more astutely to advisor concerns and to address those concerns with clarity and compassion.

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In this one-of-a-kind seminar, wholesalers will learn how to ensure their message is well received by advisors, either by phone, emails, teleseminars/webinars or videoconferences.

According to co-founder Sarano Kelley, “When meeting in person is impossible, being able to communicate more clearly and confidently will enable these professionals to strengthen existing advisor relationships during trying times. Delivering a well-constructed message will also provide an excellent opportunity for expanding their reach within the advisor community.”

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