Liquid Avatar Technologies Provides Q4 Recap and Business Update

Business activities and revenue continued to show strong growth in Q4

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.(“Liquid Avatar Technologies” or the “Company“), a global blockchain and fintech solutions company, focused on Digital Identity, integrated Avatars and the Metaverse, is pleased to provide an update on its business activities for the fourth quarter of 2021, as the Company progressed from research and development to commercial operations, focusing its efforts on activation of its business and revenue efforts.

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During Q4 2021, the Company activated the new version of its Liquid Avatar Mobile App; enhanced its Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem; began the development of a digital identity verifications platform, PassmateTM, using payment rail technologies; initiated activation plans for a US based network card program; launched its metaverse program, Aftermath Islands, through Oasis Digital Studios Limited, which acquired a 50% interest in the program; and engaged in other activities that are supporting the technology efforts of the Company to continue its leadership position in Digital Identity, Avatars and the Metaverse.

As a result, Liquid Avatar Technologies has seen an earlier than anticipated rise in commercial activities, which generated preliminary gross revenue of approximately C$1,000,000, from October 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, before direct costs of sales. The Company believes that gross margins on this revenue will be in line with other digital services companies. Sales and other financial measures for the period are unaudited, subject to final cash settlement, accounting and technical review, and potential revisions. There is no guarantee that revenue in future periods will be equivalent.

As of January 1, 2022, Aftermath Islands, which is 50% owned and principally operated by Oasis Digital Studios Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies, will be operated through Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, a Barbados Corporation.

As the Company moves into 2022, it is working to release additional Aftermath Island Metaverse related programs and opportunities including interactive Avatars, new Islands, virtual land, NFTs and other in-platform items. Access to Aftermath Islands and other Liquid Avatar Technologies programs and platforms will be supported through verified digital identity and the Liquid Avatar Mobile App. Digital Identity will also continue to be positioned to support real world use cases like age verification, vaccination and other health credentials, government, and travel validation.

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“Our in-market businesses continued to perform above expectations for Q4, and we remain optimistic, while cautious, as these are still early days in the Company’s transformation to an active revenue organization,” said David Lucatch, CEO – Liquid Avatar Technologies. “We have started to witness online acceptance of digital identity programs, which are at the core of all our solutions, and both avatar and metaverse activities are gaining traction, creating opportunities for early revenue there, as the industry embraces the future of Web 3.0. Our goal is to continue to create value for all our stakeholders.”

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