Liveplex launches its Fan Experience Platform for Celebrity Fan Clubs

Liveplex launches its platform to increase fan engagement for shows, movies, and brands

Liveplex adds new features to its Fan Experience platform. The company had recently announced the launch of the DesisLive NFT store featuring digital art created by fans and fan clubs for the celebrities, shows, and movies that the fans are excited about.

Five celebrity, show, movie, and sitcom fan clubs are already powered by the Liveplex technology where the contribution of fans in the continued success of celebrities, shows, and movies is created through fan incentivization.

With its cohesive training program for fan clubs, Liveplex fuels the Fan Creator Economy by creating business models where celebrities are not the only ones benefiting from Fan engagement. Fans are too.

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Says actor Param Singh, whose fan club hosted a competition to create fan art, “I am very excited at the prospect of my fans being so empowered that they are creating art that can be showcased.”

“I met the winners of the NFT competition and am thrilled that their art is minted on a prestigious international platform,” he added

The launch of the Fan Experience Platform is within days of Liveplex announcing its NFT capabilities as it comes out of stealth.

This comes amid the company achieving several key milestones. Liveplex was selected as one of 1,000+ applicants into Newchip’s competitive accelerator program.

With its innovative business model, over 5 fan clubs already operating from its platform, its user-generated content strategy, and quick scaling tactics, Liveplex is quickly becoming a partner of choice as more celebrities and broadcasters look at a deeper engagement approach with their audience.

Says Arunabh Das Sharma, the CEO of Liveplex, “We have developed not only the technology but also an extremely robust go-to-market strategy that positions Liveplex as a front runner in solving the biggest problem in the media and entertainment industry – audience attention.”

Liveplex helps celebrities, athletes, and people of substantial influence to understand their fan behavior, deliver better and consistent fan experiences and cultivate and monetize superior fan engagement. The platform helps fans and fan clubs create a unified community and organize their activities to support their celebrity, event, show, or brand in a consistent manner. Liveplex provides the tools and support to fans to become creators and monetize their fan art, keeping fans incentivized to keep engagement high. The Liveplex platform creates economic value for the contribution of fans in the continued success of celebrities, shows, and movies.

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