Locafy’s Latest Tech Breakthrough Helps Clients Be Found Even Faster Online

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  • Page loading time – a key aspect of search engine optimization – now 0.6 seconds

  • Locafy’s unique platform means latest development deployed globally in minutes

Locafy Limited, has made further breakthroughs on its patented search engine optimization (SEO) technology platform that it believes will deliver even better ranking results for its global customers.

Page load time is one of the key aspects of search engine optimization and Locafy believes the most important speed metric is the Time to Interactive (TTI) – this is the time it takes for a web page to be fully interactive with a consumer.

In recent trials, Locafy CTO, David Penner confirmed TTI as fast as 0.6 seconds has been achieved on many Locafy published landing pages, which the Company believes will deliver even better ranking results for its customers.

“We are already achieving near to 60% Page 1 ranking results for close to 50,000 published pages across all global markets,” said Locafy CEO, Gavin Burnett. “More than 40% of these results see our customers ranked in positions 1, 2 or 3, across all search engines and all device types, from desktop to mobile.

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Significantly, when we made this latest speed breakthrough, we were able to immediately deploy the upgrade to all of our client’s due to the adaptive nature of our publishing capability – I don’t believe any other SEO platform could achieve that type of upgrade to all clients in just a matter of minutes.

It is hard to describe the competitive advantage that gives us in the market. We believe we already had the fastest loading pages with automated, optimized production and now they just got even faster,” said Mr Burnett.

According to CTO, David Penner: “In Formula 1, racing drivers and manufacturers are striving for pole position and a podium finish – milliseconds matter when it comes to outcomes. Speed also wins in SEO and our goal is to ensure our clients, wherever and whatever their local business is, are top 3 for online search results.

Our technology is continually evolving but the key thing is we can also seamlessly and easily deploy it to our growing list of global clients within minutes,” said Mr Penner.

Locafy intends to formally update the market with its full year financial results to June 30, 2022, in the September quarter.

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