LucidLink to Provide On-Demand Access to Data from Anywhere in the World with IBM Cloud

LucidLink, an innovator in cloud file services, announced it will collaborate with IBM to bundle IBM Cloud Object Storage offerings with LucidLink Filespaces as an available turnkey solution. This collaboration plans to offer a cloud-native file system that will enable users to access data consolidated in the cloud, like a local drive, and customers who select the LucidLink IBM Cloud bundle can expect on-demand access to data from anywhere as easily as a Local Network Attached Storage (NAS) while reaping the benefits of IBM Cloud Object Storage. With IBM Cloud and LucidLink, users will have access to massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world. This solution is being designed to meet the need for increasing storage demands and addresses the lack of predictability inherent with egress fees.

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Addressing the elephant in the room – Affordable & Predictable Egress Fees

Data egress fees are one of the cloud’s highest hidden costs. For customers frustrated with egress’s unpredictable nature and the high prices associated with it, LucidLink and IBM Cloud have teamed up, which allows LucidLink to expand flexible, cloud-based egress pricing 60% below LucidLink’s previous fees to a wider client base. Customers utilizing the Filespaces service can expect egress costs often below their current negotiated rates with public cloud vendors.

“The two biggest concerns we have heard from customers are around consistent performance and the high, unpredictable cost associated with egress. We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with IBM, taking advantage of the breadth of IBM’s global reach,” said Peter Thompson, co-founder, and CEO, LucidLink. “Now, with IBM Cloud, we will be able to further offer egress fees 60% lower than our previous offering to a wider audience and pass those saving directly along to our customers.”

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With the shift to remote work globally, companies and individuals are restructuring how they do business, and cloud-based connectivity is playing a crucial role. LucidLink addresses a pain point for IT when dealing with the unpredictable egress costs and offers a cloud storage solution designed to help users more accurately forecast egress fees, making cloud services much more accessible, scalable, and predictable.

“As companies adjust to a new way of working, the ability to securely share and access large amounts of data remotely while taking advantage of object storage in a cloud environment has become indispensable,” said Adam Kocoloski, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, Cloud Data Services. “IBM is helping to make data easily and securely available in the cloud and by collaborating with ecosystem partners like LucidLink, we expand the set of use cases where clients can leverage our scalability, cost-effectiveness, and agility to accelerate their digital transformation.”

LucidLink is part of IBM’s hybrid cloud ecosystem, an initiative to support partners of all types — whether they build on, service, or resell IBM technologies and platforms — to help clients manage and modernize workloads with Red Hat OpenShift for any cloud environment, including IBM Cloud. Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. IBM Cloud is the industry’s most secure and open public cloud for business. With its security leadership, enterprise-grade capabilities and support for open source technologies, IBM Cloud is designed to differentiate and extend on hybrid cloud capabilities for enterprise workloads.

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