Meet Polaris, Wpromote’s New Marketing Tech, Built to Unlock Opportunities to Drive Business Growth

Wpromote’s clients are already seeing the competitive benefits of the agency’s unique combination of tech R&D investment and top-rated performance marketing expertise as Polaris launches publicly today.

Wpromote launched Polaris, a proprietary marketing technology platform built to strengthen the agency’s award-winning performance marketing services and provide Wpromote’s clients with a significant competitive edge.

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Polaris is the product of an industry-leading push to solve for a wide variety of immediate business challenges ranging from siloed platform data and inconsistent data collection to the need to unlock predictive capabilities and significant efficiencies.

Meet Polaris, Wpromote’s New Marketing Tech, Built to Unlock Opportunities to Drive Business Growth

VP of Product Tom Hammel explained that “Polaris was specifically designed to make sure our clients are able to drive significant business growth by putting the best possible tools in the hands of Wpromote’s marketing experts and strengthening integrated marketing performance across the board.”

Hammel has led the development of Polaris with veteran SaaS executive Paul Dumais, who was brought on board as CTO in 2019 to tackle these data challenges and spearhead development of innovative technology solutions. The launch of Polaris represents a considerable differentiation for the business in the current agency ecosystem, representing Wpromote’s extensive investment in both R&D and digital intelligence.

Dumais noted that “most of the products that agencies adopt and integrate into their workflow are terribly inefficient. With Polaris we integrate with industry-best technologies directly via API which allows us to quickly develop new products, automate more, and create a very powerful and intuitive user experience.”

Digital behavior is the most important source of data for 80% of large companies, according to Nielsen’s most recent survey. But 2021 represents a significant turning point for data regulations and platform changes. Polaris provides Wpromote’s experts with the deep strategic insights necessary to successfully capture market share and drive profitable growth for clients while preserving user privacy expectations.

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“Many platforms are becoming walled gardens, which is making collecting and unifying performance data ever more challenging. As first-party data becomes more of a differentiator for business success, it’s equally important for companies to understand how to bring disparate data from different platforms and sources together in an accurate, reliable way and utilize that data more effectively. That’s what Polaris was built to do,” says Simon Poulton, VP of Digital Intelligence.

Polaris launches with three groups of apps, which can be combined and customized depending on the specific needs and objectives of each client: Embark, Navigate, and Discover. Embark forms a strong, integrated data foundation, including clean data capture, collection, and governance across platforms, while Navigate apps layer data science-based analysis and automation solutions to extract deeper insight and create new opportunities for incremental growth. Discover features the most advanced set of apps, including predictive modeling built to find the optimal investment strategy for maximizing returns.

Leondra James, Wpromote’s Director of Data Analysis, describes the need for data accessibility and democratization: “Everyday, data plays a larger role in how digital marketers make informed decisions, but this data isn’t always ‘analysis-ready.’ There are a number of steps needed to transform data into insights marketers can actually use. Polaris is a game changer, enabling our analysts to access accurate, analysis-ready data and turn around quicker solutions. In turn, our marketing teams can make smarter decisions faster for our clients.”

The Polaris apps allow Wpromote’s marketing teams to build bespoke solutions for clients, helping businesses make the most of their digital marketing investment no matter their level of digital maturity. That flexibility is key to Polaris’s value proposition: the platform was built to grow, by partnering with the best existing ad tech and building new solutions that can be stitched together in unique ways to bring clients a new competitive edge.

Wpromote’s CEO Michael Mothner commented on the importance of a platform like Polaris in today’s rapidly changing world: “We invested in developing Polaris because our clients needed a transformational, future-proof solution that brings all of these pieces of discrete intelligence together to drive growth without adding massive costs to their tech stack. That’s significantly different from what we’ve seen other agencies putting into the market, where “tech” tends to be focused more on reporting than driving insights that make a tangible business impact.”

Polaris ensures that Wpromote clients will start with an advantage in the market because they’ll be making decisions based on a strong, integrated data foundation, then accelerate performance through new apps and added capabilities, including custom digital intelligence services.

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