ORIGIN Metaverse Integrates with ShuftiPro

ORIGIN Metaverse, the innovative virtual real estate marketplace, has announced that it’s integrating the AI-powered identity verification and AML screening system, Shufti Pro, into its services. ORIGIN Metaverse is building its platform with three core tenets to drive mass adoption of virtual real estate and physical real estate as NFTS: simple, secure, and streamlined.

A move designed to enhance ORIGIN Metaverse’s strategy to increase mass adoption in virtual real estate, the improved verification process will allow clients on the ORIGIN Metaverse platform to trade virtual real estate and physical real estate as NFTs faster and more securely.

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Users will be allowed to trade safely on ORIGIN Metaverse within seconds.

Shufti Pro’s verification process is not only user-friendly, but it’s super-fast with it. With the verification times ranging between 2 – 20 seconds, it’s the fastest verification system on the market.

Not only is the system quick, but with its hybrid AI/human verification process, it can assess the credentials of any person from any country in any language, proactively ensuring that the user is not engaging from a blacklisted or prohibited region.

With Shufti Pro’s integration into the Origin Metaverse platform, it’s a safer world for the NFT crowd, that’s for sure. In offering a secure verification process that avoids delays, Origin is continuing to open up the digital marketplace to an ever-wider audience, while closing the doors on the scammers and money launderers that want to take advantage of it.

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