PicoNFT Announces New End-To-End NFT Platform for Travel and Hospitality Brands

Integrated platform simplifies NFT creation and enables integration of NFTs into existing loyalty programs

PicoNFT announced its platform for travel and hospitality companies to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that engage their customers and audiences. Branded NFTs offer a new way for brand managers to mobilize communities of passionate travel customers. Used in loyalty programs and as iconic travel collectibles, NFTs enable companies to deliver authenticated brand content and ongoing engagement with their audiences.

PicoNFT is the only solution to offer an integrated, end-to-end platform for travel companies to design branded NFT campaign artwork, mint it on the blockchain, and integrate with loyalty programs. Additionally, PicoNFT lets marketers create online communities for NFT holders and engage them with unique, branded NFT travel content.

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Branded NFT travel collectibles

PicoNFT allows brands to create beautiful NFT artwork through pre-built templates in an integrated design tool. With digital collectibles featuring local artwork or photography of iconic travel destinations, travelers can showcase their NFTs using their wallets and through upcoming Instagram NFT-enabled sharing features – driving new signups for loyalty programs and subsequent reservations. PicoNFT also uniquely supports branded multimedia video NFTs that can bring to life location-specific travel experiences.

NFT loyalty awards and redemption

PicoNFT also supports integration with travel loyalty programs. When customers stay at properties or participate in partner activities, they can be automatically issued a designed NFT with a specific point value. After collecting several NFTs, travelers can redeem those NFTs for rewards. This upcoming award capability is complementary to existing loyalty programs and is fully contained on branded channels, without requiring customers to transact on external third-party marketplaces.

Customer engagement in NFT-enabled communities

PicoNFT enables companies to create private, branded communities for NFT holders and curate content for these community members. In these groups, brands can extend the conversation with their customers and deliver special perks, benefits, and content to loyal members – like access to special events, discounted offers, and exclusive content.

NFTs offer the opportunity for marketers to develop ongoing relationships with travelers – and forward-thinking travel and hospitality brands are mobilizing customers to create a community of passionate NFT holders. Using PicoNFT, brands can benefit from a no-code, end-to-end platform to engage Millennial and Generation Z travelers, enhance customer loyalty, and deliver lasting value as a result.

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