NOW Affinio to Launch Suite of Snowflake Native Applications Enabling Turnkey Consumer Insights

NOWir - NowVertical Investors

NOW Affinio’s graph analytics and affinity-based apps help turn first-party data in Snowflake into consumer insights for privacy-safe collaboration

NowVertical Group Inc., a big data, analytics and vertical intelligence (“VI”) software and services company, is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive suite of consumer analytics and collaboration applications for data consumers and providers on the Snowflake Marketplace.

In partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, NOW Affinio’s applications will be made available for purchase directly through the marketplace to customers with existing Snowflake accounts. When Snowflake customers utilize the NOW Affinio toolset, they will be able to better leverage their existing first-party customer behavioral data (e.g. purchases, content consumption) from a new affinity lens. This new suite will also allow data providers to collaborate through partnership evaluations or white-labeled SaaS offerings of their own.

The NOW Affinio suite of augmented analytics tools are part of a group of new versatile applications built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, currently in private preview. This framework enables developers to build applications using Snowflake’s core functionalities, globally distribute them on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within a customer’s Snowflake account.

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This partnership with Snowflake will help joint customers democratize first-party insights and mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud,” said Tim Burke, President of NOW Affinio. “This means customers can now make more of their existing first-party data and collaborate with partners both internally and externally for maximum benefit. All this can be done without requiring raw record exposure or SQL expertise.

“Snowflake’s partnership with NowVertical Group will increase collaboration for joint customers looking to transform first-party data in Snowflake into consumer insights,” said Chris Child, Senior Director, Product Management, Snowflake. “Snowflake’s integration of NOW Affinio’s graph analytics and affinity-based apps will accelerate secure data sharing and consumer analytics across Snowflake’s Marketplace, driving business value in a secure and compliant way.

The NOW Affinio application suite is pre-configured to address several marketing use cases for organizations already leveraging Snowflake’s functionality within their technical stack. By accessing the NOW Affinio native applications, marketers can conduct personalization at scale, market basket analysis and next-best recommendations, audience segmentation, propensity scoring, audience match-ups, and behave-alikes creation.

NOW Affinio’s native applications in Snowflake are a game-changer,” said Daren Trousdell, Chairman and CEO of NOW. “Must-have insights for driving new revenue in CPG and Retail, such as market basket analysis and shopper behavior personas, can typically take weeks or months to develop using traditional methods. With NOW Affinio’s native applications, these kinds of insights can be run dynamically inside Snowflake in seconds.

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