The Silver Telegram Launches The PR Playbook Podcast, The First Agency Podcast That Gives Brands DIY Instructions on Public Relations

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Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, Ronjini Joshua, Launches The PR Playbook, A Business Podcast To Give Brands Communications Insights and Actionable Tips

The Silver Telegram, A media-focused PR agency for technology brands, launches The PR Playbook Podcast, a show about the business of communications and DIY instructions educating brands on modern public relations. The PR Playbook Podcast is a spinoff of The PR Playbook, a book published as an essential PR guide for startups, entrepreneurs and lean organizations.

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“The Silver Telegram always produces impressive results when it comes to media relations,” says Patrick Pharris, CEO of Pharris Media. “As an agency partner and client for more than seven years, I have always relied on Ronjini to develop well-crafted strategies and execute media relations at the highest level. She consistently gives clear advice on how, when and why to get the best out of our PR programs and it’s exciting to hear that she’ll be putting that valuable information into a podcast.”

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Podcast episodes cover the basics of public relations, including topics like PR strategy, developing a press kit and launching new products to market. The show will also feature interviews with brands, CEO’s, journalists, digital marketers, agencies and social media professionals to give brands a full view of how they can create dynamic and successful communications programs within their companies.

“I’m very excited to finally launch The PR Playbook podcast. This podcast has been in the making for about four years,” says Ronjini Joshua, CEO and founder of The Silver Telegram. “I decided to create this show because over the years we have worked with so many companies that don’t understand PR and have had horrible agency experiences. It makes it even harder for them to adopt and take advantage of public relations. We want to arm brands, entrepreneurs and marketing pro’s with the basic information they need about PR so that they can either start PR programs themselves or work more effectively with an agency when they are ready to.”

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