Simon Data Solidifies First-Party Data Foundation with FullContact Identity Resolution

Bombas and other clients are seeing 7x+ ROI within days of implementation

FullContact, the industry leader in identity resolution as a service, today announced a new partnership with Simon Data, a leading customer data platform (CDP). The partnership brings real-time identity resolution to Simon Data’s CDP offering, providing clients with a richer first-party data foundation to power marketing performance.

Integrating identity resolution enables CDPs to unify all pieces of fragmented customer, prospect, and user data to a real person—then offer a complete, 360-degree view of that individual…”— Christopher Harrison, CEO, FullContact

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Many CDPs, like Simon excel at bringing together customer data from various owned marketing systems—such as the brand’s website, app, or marketing automation platform. However, consolidating data is only the first step in a broader identity strategy that enables personalized and privacy-centric customer experiences.

“When used correctly, a CDP is a powerful tool to gain a better understanding of your prospects and customers,” says Christopher Harrison, CEO of FullContact. “Integrating identity resolution enables CDPs to unify all pieces of fragmented customer, prospect, and user data to a real person—then offer a complete, 360-degree view of that individual and how to reach and engage them.”

By introducing FullContact’s Resolve identity resolution product, now called Identity+, into their CDP, Simon Data is now able to offer:

• More linkage and unification of customer and prospect data, allowing for better reconciliation of customer records.
• Increase in recognition of unauthenticated visitors, so brands can understand who is shopping in real time.
• Enrichment via 50 billion identifiers to enhance each brand’s first-party data and enable more effective audience segmentation.
• 3X improvement in reach. Brands can reach their customers in more of the channels they frequent, thanks to enrichment with hashed emails and mobile ad IDs (MAIDs).

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“By opening Simon’s ecosystem to identity providers like FullContact, unifying the view of a customer becomes simpler than ever before,” says Jason Davis, Co-founder and CEO of Simon Data. “The combination of identity resolutions and Simon’s CDP provides a future-proofed, privacy-centric solution to meet consumer demands for personalization.”

Leading premium basics e-commerce brand Bombas has already used Identity+ to dramatically increase their send volume of their cart and browse abandonment emails. Choosing Identity+ helps them increase their targeted audience, boost abandonment campaigns, and hit more critical points in their user lifecycle.

Within four days of implementing Identity+ Bombas saw a 7.2x ROI.

“It’s not often that we introduce a technology to our marketing stack that delivers results overnight,” said Kate Huyett, Chief Customer Officer at Bombas. “With Identity+, we were able to take high-converting campaigns that we already had running and dramatically scale their reach, with a clear impact on top-line revenue.”

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