Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification technology developer, is launching InformaCast Incident Management, a new tool to help users of its InformaCast mass notification platform actively manage emergency events as they occur. InformaCast Incident Management gives users the ability to create scenarios that have all the notifications and resources organizations need to proactively handle situations as they unfold.

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“We’ve always stressed the importance of getting the word out the moment an emergency occurs,” said Pat Scheckel, executive vice president of product management for Singlewire Software. “Now we’re giving our users the added ability to take control of chaotic situations with InformaCast Incident Management.”

InformaCast Incident Management is a centralized location where users can designate certain notifications as relevant to a particular event. This can include the initial alert, follow-up messages, and “All Clear” messages to signal the event has been resolved. Users are also able to upload relevant resources into the incident hub to help give safety team members all the information and assistance they require to easily manage the situation. This can include safety checklists, building floor plans, and links to external resources like security camera feeds. This reduces the need to navigate long lists or complex menus. When the incident is over, a report is created that allows users to review how the event was managed and inform future adjustments to ensure the most effective response possible.

“During an emergency, safety team members have a long list of tasks they need to accomplish to keep people out of harm’s way,” explained Scheckel. “With InformaCast Incident Management, they’ll never miss a step because everything they need is in one location.”

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