Statistics Professor Now Making NHL Picks on YouTube

He is crushing bookmakers by following 10 simple betting systems

With the baseball season now over, Professor MJ is now focusing on the National Hockey League (NHL). Last summer, the professor’s 771 MLB picks were able to net a lofty profit. How did this Canadian university professor do it?

The baseball predictions had nothing to do with gut feelings. According to David Beaudoin, who goes by the nickname “Professor MJ” on the web, all picks came from following strict rules from 19 baseball betting strategies. He developed those systems from analyzing data covering seven full seasons. Later on, he came up with 10 winning systems in hockey after studying data on 9 NHL seasons.

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Professor MJ defines himself as a contrarian; he loves to go against the grain. His betting angles also adhere to this principle.

For example, his most lucrative MLB system called “The Hot Bats” recommends betting against a team whose offense has been on fire recently. More specifically, the criteria for betting are as follows:

  • If a team has won its past two games by scoring 6+ runs in each of those meetings and they are playing at home tonight, bet against them.
  • If a team has won its past four games by scoring 5+ runs in each of those meetings and they are playing at home tonight, bet against them.

Professor MJ’s YouTube channel explains in detail one of his hockey betting systems called “The Scoring Drought”. It goes in accordance with his contrarian approach, as it suggests betting teams who have been struggling to score goals recently.

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The YouTube channel also unveils all details pertaining to eight of his MLB betting angles. Moreover, his daily NHL picks are presented in a pretty humorous and entertaining manner!