Synamon Rolls out a Comprehensive Platform for Metaverse That Can Also Utilize NFT


-The platform is accessible from smartphones. It allows up to 100 people to connect at the same time using PCs or smartphones
-Synamon will officially start to provide the platform from August 2022 and recruit companies and IPs that can participate in beta version test

Synamon Inc. which is working on the development of the metaverse market, rolls out a comprehensive platform for Metaverse that can support a wide range of use cases including NFT utilization. We utilize Metaverse to support corporate promotional activities by providing a virtual space that can be accessed from multiple devices including smartphones and can be flexibly used according to the number of people and usage.

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Features of comprehensive platform for Metaverse:

Three different spaces optimized for each use case can be used together on a single platform

  • A space suitable for event venues, where up to 100 people can connect from a smartphone or PC at the same time.
  • A space suitable for showrooms and exhibitions that can be accessed by about 30 people at the same time.
  • A space where about 10 people can access with VR HMD and have a rich experience such as shopping.

Multi-device support and high-quality user experience

  • The platform is compatible with multi-devices such as smartphones, PCs, and VR HMDs so that people can use it according to the purpose of each use case and the attributes of participants.
  • By making it app-based instead of browser-based, it is possible to provide a high-quality experience in terms of graphics and UX.

Platform that can be used for promotion purposes in combination with NFT

  • Initially, we plan to provide a feature to display NFT-converted images and avatars in cooperation with the NFT marketplace.
  • In the future, we plan to develop a mechanism that contributes to continuous revitalization of the community, such as the ability to create a room that only specific NFT holders can enter.

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