TAOP Launches Taoping G Cloud Data Center

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Taoping Inc. , a provider of Internet-based smart display screens, and a new-media ecosystem that enables targeted advertising and online retail, announced the launch of a “Taoping G Cloud Data Center” in Dong-guan City, a neighboring city of Shenzhen. The Company plans to deploy a total of 3,000 of general-purpose servers suitable for Ethereum and cloud desktops in the data center in 2021, with a total hashrate of 1,450,000 MH/s. The first batch of 300 general-purpose servers has been deployed and started operations.

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The Taoping G Cloud Data Center is located in Dong-guan Science and Technology Park in Fenggang, Dong-guan City, China. Owned by a company whose major shareholder is Mr. Jianghuai Lin, Chairman and CEO of TAOP, the park covers an area of about 538,000 square feet, with a construction area of about 1,076,000 square feet. The park will provide further strong support as needed to the deployment of additional Taoping servers for future expansions.

Driven by faster data transfer speed brought by broadband (5G, etc.) technologies and further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more computing services are migrated to the cloud. With applications in different fields such as personalized medicine, online education, online games, and conversational AI, the demand for GPU computing power continues to grow rapidly. Recent projections from Orbis Research indicate the value of the GPU market will increase with a compound annual rate of 31 percent, rising from $20.6 billion in 2019 to $104.7 billion by 2025. The opening of Taoping G Cloud Data Center is a significant step for the Company’s digital transformation and will accelerate the development of TAOP’s cloud services.

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“The launch of Taoping G Cloud Data Center is another milestone for the Company’s deployment of blockchain technology and GPU cloud computing power,” said Mr. Jianghuai Lin, the Chairman and CEO of TAOP. “We plan to deploy multiple data centers at home and abroad in accordance with business development needs, and to realize the scale of cloud computing power and interconnection of inter-regional data centers.”

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