Tis the Season for a Contact-less Greeting Card App

What do consumers get when they combine a personalized video with the tracking number of a holiday gift that they ship to a loved one? This fantastic app called GIFgram

Anyone planning to ship a package, or have an online purchase delivery to a loved one this holiday season will love this app. The GIFgram technology has gained tremendous popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the second wave pressing so close to the holidays, the GIFgram app is helping us all bridge the “social distancing” gap by purposefully emphasizing the “SOCIAL” aspect of gift-giving.

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Compatible with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL for any shipped package within the U.S., GIFgram is a safe and fun app that lets consumers sync the arrival of any delivered package with a personalized video message. Consumers can use the app to create a personalized video then enter the package tracking number. When the package that they ship gets delivered, the video is automatically texted to the recipient’s mobile device.

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Studies show that at least 93 million selfies or videos are taken per day and over 250 million packages are shipped & delivered per day. It is safe to say that combining our love for selfies with this year’s heightened demand for shipping has created a new pathway that adds a spark to the gift-giving experience. While the GIFgram app is absolutely one of this season’s best holiday “hacks,” many users are giving the app a permanent home on their mobile devices.

Perfect for Fall Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Care Packages for College Students, Military Personnel and more!

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