Tugboat Logic Receives Patent for InfoSec Certification Automation in a SaaS Platform

New patent recognizes Tugboat Logic’s leadership in continuous compliance with integrated expert guidance and content on one platform

Tugboat Logic by OneTrust, the leader in security assurance, today announced it received a patent for the industry’s first automated audit and compliance solution that both connects the components of an organization’s security infrastructure and maps them to a regulatory compliance framework. This ground-breaking technology enables organizations to easily manage all aspects of compliance and sustain security best practices across the entire organization.

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With Tugboat Logic’s solution, for the first time, organizations have the ability to track when an infosec entity is used in an infosec program – for example, when an entity is used in a response to a security questionnaire, as a component in a readiness project module or in an audit as a piece of evidence or as a control. Keeping track of entity usage is paramount for credibility as it enables an organization to know whether its security practices are operationally effective in mitigating risk or remaining compliant to its infosec program.

Tugboat Logic’s patented technology connects the core entities of an information security program such as policies, controls, evidence tasks and risks into an integrated platform. Tugboat Logic’s approach enables security policy and dependent systems to be verified easily, be made audit ready, and continuously monitored for compliance by the organization.

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“The most important aspect of infosec compliance is the ability for organizations to easily declare what they do, how they do it and provide proof that they are doing it consistently,” said Patrick Murray, chief product officer at Tugboat Logic. “We built usage tracking into our platform’s foundational architecture so that customers always know when an entity is used and the implications of any changes to an entity in their infosec program. This is a game changer for organizations to fully align their security operations and compliance enforcement.”

The connection and tracking capabilities that underline Tugboat Logic’s platform ultimately allow its customers to continuously prove compliance and more easily manage their infosec program.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of innovation in audit and compliance automation so that our customers have the technology needed to remain compliant as they grow and scale their business,” said Ray Kruck, founder and CEO of Tugboat Logic. “Furthermore, our solution allows customers to clearly understand the promises they have made to clients via security questionnaires and audits so they can ensure those controls are implemented and operational. Helping our customers build credibility is at the heart of everything we do, and the technology behind this patent demonstrates just that.”

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