Ubisoft Announces its Global Creative Office

  • Ubisoft Announces its Global Creative Office

  • The new organization aims to further grow the value of Ubisoft’s brands by boosting game creation, delivery and fostering the autonomy of creative teams in studios

Ubisoft is announcing the implementation of its Global Creative Office to better reflect and support its portfolio strategy. With this evolution, Ubisoft aims to further support creative teams by facilitating decision-making and strengthening the responsibility and autonomy of studios throughout the creative process. The overall goal is to boost creativity and ensure the highest level of quality in the execution and delivery of Ubisoft’s games.

The new Creative Office will be structured around poles, moving away from a centralized organization to better support the key segments of Ubisoft’s portfolio strategy. Building on the Group’s vision, each pole will leverage its expertise to dive into the specificities of its audiences, game design and tech.

Chief Creative Officer Igor Manceau, who was instrumental in refining the group’s creative vision and in laying the foundations of this new organization, will leave Ubisoft for personal reasons at the end of November. In the meantime, Igor will continue refining the structure, in close collaboration with Marie-Sophie de Waubert, SVP of Studios, Martin Schelling, SVP of Production, Sandrine Caloiaro, Chief Portfolio Officer, Guillemette Picard, SVP of Production Technology and studio Managing Directors. Following Igor’s departure, Marie-Sophie will temporarily take over management of the Creative Office to ensure a smooth transition across teams and projects.

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“In a fast-moving industry, it’s essential that we continue to adapt. I am grateful for Igor’s contribution to refining Ubisoft’s creative approach and for his commitment to bringing fresh ideas that level up the way we create,” said Yves Guillemot, CEO and Co-Founder, Ubisoft. “An exemplary leader, Igor has set the foundations for a new organization that will allow Ubisoft to successfully deliver on its content strategy, with new processes and clearer roles and responsibilities.”

“Over the last 24 years I got the chance to meet and work with talented and inspiring teams around the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in this fantastic adventure.” Said Manceau. “I am confident in Ubisoft’s potential to continue surprising and delighting players for years to come”.

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