Val Kilmer Wants to Make NFTs With You

Launches KAMP KILMER and Collaborative GOD PANELS NFTS

Kilmer First Artist to Use the New Galaxis Art Engine Technology

For more than half a century, Val Kilmer has been honing his art: be it literature, movies, poetry, painting, photography, or music. His creative outlets, however, came to an abrupt halt six years ago when he was diagnosed with throat cancer–and though he has beaten cancer–his voice and mobility have been severely compromised due to radiation and chemotherapy interventions. Much of this part of his story gained wide attention and acclaim in the award-winning 2021 autobiographical documentary from Amazon Studios and A24, VAL.

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But Val’s story is far from over, and perhaps there is no more profound example than the journey on which he is about to embark. In partnership with Galaxis (formerly Ether Cards), Val is launching KAMP KILMER, a virtual space where a community of eclectics and artists can come together to share ideas and collaborate on art, film, music, and literary projects without limitations of space and time.

“I wanted to create an enclave in which all of us bohemians and pirates, actors, poets, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and academics can congregate, connect, and make things with me,” said Kilmer. “I searched for the ability to enable projects that could evolve and continue beyond my lifetime, all of our lifetimes. I asked: what if the project could run autonomously for generations to come? I call this realm KAMP KILMER.”

One of Val’s most famous visual art pieces parses the name GOD out in multiple panels, inviting the viewer to abstract the word and examine one’s own relationship with the word itself. Transforming this concept into collaborative NFTs is the first KAMP KILMER project to use the Galaxis Art Engine, a new type of NFT that enables artists to collaborate with their community to create works that can continuously evolve over time. KAMP KILMER is offering a special free NFT available now for a limited time (purchasers only pay gas fees). This NFT will unlock future utility, including presale access to the upcoming GOD PANELS collection. In April, the first NFT collaborative offering under the KAMP KILMER banner, Kilmer’s GOD PANELS collection, will be released. GOD PANELS NFTs leverage elements of creative collaboration and gamification, to produce ever-evolving, ‘living’ works of digital art.

The GOD PANELS NFT project initially unfolds in two phases. The first, the Genesis Phase, is centered around the public sale of the initial GOD Panel art pieces that have been created by Kilmer. Once all of the art pieces that make up the Genesis Phase are sold, the project moves into the Expansion Phase. During the Expansion Phase, the number of art pieces in the project increases through collaboration. In this phase, Artist Collaborators ‘collaborate upon’ a Genesis Piece, creating a separate, new art piece (a derivative of the Genesis Piece), which incorporates their own artistic style and vision. This creative collaboration can entail anything from incorporating the entire Genesis Piece as a small element of a new, larger art piece, to adding a layer of embellishment on top of the Genesis Piece. Revenue from these ‘first generation’ derivative pieces is shared with Artist Collaborator.  The project will continue to evolve and the technology capabilities are enhanced and expanded.

“I am grateful to Galaxis for enabling my vision and creating a first-of-its-kind art engine that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables the creation of collections of collaborative, dynamic, continuously evolving digital art pieces,” said Kilmer. “Something that was simply not possible prior to the Web3, crypto world.”

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“Our founding team has been a part of the crypto and NFT space since their earliest days, and as much as we love NFTs, we also quickly saw they would have limited mainstream appeal if all they could be were pretty JPEGs,” said Andras Kristof, CEO and co-founder of Galaxis and Ether Cards. “The goal of Galaxis is to build a future for NFTs through code and community, and to make the laborious development of utility traits simple and available to everyone. We are proud to partner with Kamp Kilmer and help lead this next evolution of community and NFTs from one way, temporary transactions into a living, evolving, and self-sustaining ecosystem.”

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