Vast Majority of Companies Aren’t Fully Prepared for Apple’s Looming In-App Deletion Deadline, Transcend Study Finds

In new research, companies report needing to invest “significant engineering time” to meet compliance, contrasted with companies using Transcend’s newly released In-App Data Deletion product to help developers ensure full compliance in less than a week.

Transcend, the one-stop platform that makes it easy to encode privacy across a company’s tech stack, today released the results of its latest survey of technology decision makers, which assessed their readiness for Apple’s in-app deletion requirements for iOS apps that offer account creation. The findings show that 71 percent of companies surveyed are not fully prepared to meet Apple’s June 30, 2022 compliance date. The tech giant’s guidance requires iOS applications that allow account creation to allow for in-app deletion of not just a consumer’s account but deletion of their entire personal data footprint.

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“all apps that allow for account creation must also allow users to initiate deletion of their account from within the app.”

In addition, Transcend’s research found that:

  • In order to comply, over two-thirds of companies plan to invest significant engineering time to address Apple’s mandate.
  • Less than a quarter of respondents understand the full scope of Apple’s in-app deletion requirements, despite clarifications from Apple.

“The results of our new research and Apple’s extension of their original January 2022 deadline show just how hard privacy compliance can be to implement. Delivering on privacy should be frictionless. But companies know that truly addressing consumer data rights at scale—beyond bare minimum compliance—is next to impossible without engineering work across data systems. Manual approaches just can’t keep up in a world where consumer data flows so quickly,” said Transcend CEO and Co-founder Ben Brook.

After working with leading consumer brands to help easily solve the issue, Transcend is today rolling out a new product as part of their privacy platform that specifically equips companies with the ability to programmatically delete user accounts and erase personal data through their in-app interface—without the engineering lift. With Transcend’s offering, companies can fulfill account and data deletion requests across their entire data footprint with pre-built workflows and include checks or holds as required. With Transcend’s dedicated onboarding and technical support, companies can offer fully compliant solutions for Apple’s requirement in less than a week.

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