Launches Cloud-Based IT Efficiency for B2B and D2C Enterprise Firms

0 401 announces the launch of a cloud, one that offers a headless commerce solution to meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s enterprise-level commerce customer.

The innovation,, is now accepting clients. CEO Larry Ramponi says viax’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) modular approach to enterprise commerce translates into more efficiency, less cost and fewer vendor headaches for companies struggling to maintain a system that keeps pace with ever-evolving B2B and D2C customers.

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“We understand this dilemma,” said Ramponi, “because for years our team has been consulting on workarounds and fixes to mitigate issues inherent in other products. We knew we had to find solutions. Agents of change, that’s why we built”

viax solutions for enterprise commerce are designed to improve the bottom line for our clients, with quick client on-boarding, easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use modules and microservices and predictable pricing – and you only implement the services you want, no complete re-platforming required.

Firms chasing vendors for continual fixes to outdated systems – spending upwards of millions and losing valuable go-to-market time – should consider viax as a viable alternative. Ramponi says that viax offers agility and true customization. Clients invest in all-inclusive subscriptions to a full suite of solutions – modules, architecture, operations and support – rather than in one version of a product. Adopters receive personal support through an ongoing partnership with viax’s entire team of experts.

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“Because our PaaS is designed to support many popular code languages, you can rely on existing in-house support, not proprietary code or specialized contractors. Additionally, many of our module and microservice components use codeless user interfaces, therefore your sales team can create pricing models, workflows, etc.,” Ramponi explains.

“We can revolutionize your legacy system to prevent you from having to spend money on internal IT infrastructure. Rather than being at the mercy of outside vendors and struggling to secure the expertise required to implement and support system upgrades, consider our PaaS approach to enterprise commerce that is far more efficient, effective and economically responsible. Our solutions uniquely address the challenges of your business, drastically improving your user experience and your bottom line. We are revolutionizing headless commerce for B2B and D2C.”

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