WalkMe Releases Unprecedented Data Highlighting the Positive Business Impact of Lightning Migration

Ahead of Dreamforce 2019, WalkMe’s New Data Uncovers Best Practices for Lightning-Fast Migration with Its Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe, the leading Digital Adoption Platform and one of the fastest-growing software companies globally, has disclosed unique new data that reveals where organizations and employees struggle when migrating and adapting new software and tools. The data is being released ahead of Dreamforce 2019, where WalkMe will present demonstrations of its leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) and showcase how businesses can drive seamless adoption across all applications.

Sales executives want to enable their teams to build strong pipelines, sell more efficiently and accelerate deal closure. WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform for sales serves as an enterprises’ gateway to realizing the true value of their entire digital sales ecosystem through in-app guidance, engagement and automation tools directly on top of and across your sales applications. With WalkMe, enterprises can continuously guide their sales teams, increase productivity and ensure adherence to procedures and data integrity as they scale the business and gain true visibility across platforms.

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Saleforce’s next-generation platform, Lightning Experience, promises enhanced productivity, functionality, and usability for its user. However, organizations are fearful of migrating to a new platform due to the potential of a messy and frustrating transition, which can lead to overwhelmed employees and a decrease in productivity. Prior to Dreamforce 2019, WalkMe conducted a study based on Salesforce implementations across 40 industries and hundreds of customers to uncover the average number of steps to complete a business process in Lightning and Classic and which one made the overall process faster.

Key findings from the study include:

  • WalkMe’s study based on hundreds of Lightning implementations and migrations proved how much more complicated Lightning is for new users.
  • The average number of steps to complete a business process in Salesforce(R) Classic and Lightning is slightly shorter: 8.1 for Classic and 7.4 for Lightning.
  • Based on this data, when using WalkMe for Salesforce(R) Classic, users will encounter 8.0 Smart Walk-Thrus to complete tasks. In Lightning, however, users will be prompted by 18.4 Smart Walk-Thrus – 230% more – proving not only how different Lightning can be, but also the many different opportunities there are to implement WalkMe.
  • The adoption challenges in Lightning prompt 35% more WalkMe users within Salesforce Lightning as opposed to in Classic.

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“Today’s workforce represents multiple generations with varied technological savviness – and willingness to adopt new tools,” said Dan Adika, CEO of WalkMe. “With a digital adoption strategy in place,  organizations can get a comprehensive view into all of the software they have deployed enabling them to maximize software usage. This can all be done while benefiting from higher employee satisfaction and better-informed data about their current technology assets.”

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