Wyng Joins Braze Alloys Partner Program and Adds No-code Integration for Zero-party Data

Braze customers can now use Wyng to easily collect zero-party data and instantly use the data for privacy-first personalization in Braze.

Wyng, the leading zero-party data platform, announced that it has joined the Braze Alloys program as an official technology partner. The Wyng Connector for Braze is a no-code integration that allows brands to seamlessly route customer preferences and other zero-party data to Braze so that customer engagement across channels can be personalized according to the specific customer’s preferences, in real time. By joining Braze Alloys, Wyng becomes part of a curated ecosystem of best-in-breed technology and solutions partners designed to help integrate, customize, and amplify customer engagement capabilities.

“Braze is leading the way in helping brands deliver customer-centric engagements at the right moment without being limited by channel or format.” said Prakash Mishra, CTO and co-founder of Wyng. “Wyng exists to help brands get to know their customers better, in order to serve them better. We believe this partnership is really good news for brands that want to resolve the conflict between consumers’ simultaneous demands for privacy and personalization across every digital channel.”

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By integrating Wyng with Braze, brands can:

  • Grow revenue: Personalization tactics generate 40% more revenue growth (McKinsey). Customer preferences and other zero-party data are the best ways to fuel experiences for anonymous or known users means more engagement and higher conversion rates.
  • Build trust: Privacy-first principles for data collection and zero-party data give customers transparency, choice, and control over what happens to their data.
  • Instantly personalize: Asking customers what they want in a helpful way via frictionless microexperiences can eliminate the need to guess what they want using expensive AI or data analysis of third- or first-party data – saving lots of money and enabling instant personalization of experiences.

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Through the partnership, Braze and Wyng customers can now easily leverage zero-party data that was collected through helpful microexperiences created in Wyng.  Zero-party data is customer preference data that is voluntarily and proactively given to brands, and therefore helps brands create more valuable experiences without compromising privacy. Brands can choose from a variety of microexperiences designed to engage customers on their website, such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Progressive Forms
  • Next Best Questions
  • Conversational Opt-ins
  • Gamified Experiences
  • Contextual Preferences

Integrating with Braze is the latest move by Wyng to make it easy for brands to not only collect and manage zero-party data, but also to feed it into existing enterprise systems where brands can analyze and activate it to improve every customer experience. Because the Wyng Platform is API-first and developer-friendly, brands can instantly connect Wyng data to Braze, easily configure the integration to automatically enrich customer engagements, and generate insights about customer segments and behavior on a personal and global scale.

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