Xpose Leading the Growth of the Token Economy with its Unique Community-Driven Ecosystem

Xpose Protocol is a new approach and is primarily a community-driven brand that acts for the Xpose ecosystem, ensuring its stability and growth. Xpose foundation includes top-notch technologists, entrepreneurs, legal and business professionals, and celebrities that promote a democratic governance structure, with a strong focus on scaling utilities available to the community and keeping the Xpose brand at the forefront of marketing innovation.

The XPS token will be based on the BEP20 standards utilising Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The motive behind this standard is its wide acceptance and interoperability and the ability to be implemented into other services available under BSC. This token is encoded with thoughtfully designed attributes that were considered to promote the self-sustenance of the Xpose ecosystem.

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A configurable fee will be applicable on all transactions made using the XPS token. This fee can be free and can be configured up to a maximum of 10% based on a set of factors that will influence the tokenomics of XPS across its lifecycle. There will be two classes of this token. Class A transactions are related to any XPS transactions that will take place within the Xpose ecosystem, while Class B transactions are associated with the purchase and sale of XPS tokens from external platforms.

The Xpose team will offer 7.5 billion XPS tokens across four tranches during the Pre-sale. This Pre-sale will open on 23rd July 2021 for $0.0015 per token and will be closing on 6th August 2021 at $0.003 per XPS. Investors will be able to purchase XPS using ETH and BTC through the  Pre-sale Dashboard. The XPS tokens purchased during the Pre-sale will be locked for a period between 1 and 6 months from the date of purchase, after which a predefined share of the purchased XPS tokens will be periodically released.

The Xpose Protocol project promises to transform how brands create engaging content, inspire global audiences, and connect with creators. By raising funds through the Pre-sale, Xpose Protocol will invest further in developing a platform and brand to lay the foundations for meeting objectives over the long term. The Xpose founding team is bullish on blockchain technology to establish an exciting new model of the coin economy leading to the growth of the marketing industry.

The Xpose is a Switzerland based Crypto Company whose Advisory Team includes Ralph de Geus, a successful serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the co-founder and stakeholder of companies like the luxury fashion brand BALR. and 433, one of the largest video and photo content publishers on Instagram and BALR. Recently he invested in The Lickin’ Company, a fast growing plant-based ice company. Xpose advisory Board also includes Vasco Rouw, founder of The Millionaire club, Marc Overmars, director of football at Ajax Amsterdam & ex professional football player, and Ivan Rakitić, Croatian professional Footballer.

During the initial stages of deployment, brands will be invited to register on the platform and collaborate with Xpose’s early influencer partners to promote their brand for free. It will also uphold a referral and petition system, which will allow existing users to participate in the growth and adoption of the platform. The referral system incentivizes existing users to invite peers to join the forum.

Any configurations related to the transaction fee or the allocation of this fee will be proposed to the community first for a vote and controlled through multisig wallets allocated to members of the Xpose Foundation. The total cost collected on each transaction will be distributed across the Liquidity Pool, the Marketing Pool, and the Community Rewards Pool. An additional share of this fee will be burned, introducing a deflationary dynamic to the XPS token economy.

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