Tatari Upgrades Order Workflow for Streaming & Linear Media Transactions

Tatari, the leading data and analytics platform for buying and measuring advertising across both linear and streaming TV, today announced a new and improved process for media buyers, networks, and streaming publishers to review and approve orders for transacting linear and streaming inventory. The automated and 100% digital process represents the latest step in Tatari’s ongoing efforts to modernize the way TV inventory is bought and sold, whether cable, broadcast or streaming.

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“Previously, processing direct orders was very manual and inefficient, as orders were passed back and forth as attachments from the initial proposal phase through final sign-off,” said Brad Geving, VP of Media Buying at Tatari. “Our streamlined order process completely eliminates the manual back and forth among multiple parties for both streaming and linear. This saves publishers and networks significant time and headaches and, when widely adopted, can lead to a more efficient media market overall.”

Tatari’s latest update allows broadcasters and streaming publishers to manage both the TV and streaming order process more efficiently through Tatari’s platform. Now, a Tatari media buyer can easily generate an order request using a standardized template that is hosted online. Through Tatari’s media booking tool, the media buyer can email the order to the broadcaster or streaming platform, and that account representative can then sign the order electronically, automatically triggering an approval confirmation via email. Together, these capabilities facilitate a more agile and efficient media exchange, reducing the processing time by 90%.

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Key benefits for streaming publishers and networks include:
– Change management: Tatari is building the modern way of transacting TV media buys, allowing you to take the necessary steps towards the future
– Full automation: All orders are managed digitally – no more manually downloading, signing or uploading
– Improved insertion order layout: A consistent, easy-to-read order that’s securely hosted online
– Streamlined workflow: Reduced email back and forths, saving time and expediting the order process

Scott Berger, VP of Direct to Scale at NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnerships, said: “At NBCUniversal, we pride ourselves on making it as simple and easy to buy premium video content as it is to watch it. Tatari’s technology has had an extremely positive impact on how we process direct insertion orders, streamlining the process and enabling us to prove out the efficacy of the NBCU audience for our DTC partners.”

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