Audio Visual Solutions Company, IVCi, Explains How Companies Can Leverage Video Walls to Increase Room Functionality

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Visual centerpieces are key to trapping people’s attention, and the biggest, most eye-catching ones in the business are video walls. Visually striking, no passerby can look away from a video wall with a high-quality, bold image. While they may not be a traditional investment in an office space, video walls can be highly effective in any professional workspace. While their use in advertising and branding is clear, there’s various other benefits your company could gain from a video wall as well. Audio visual solutions company, IVCi, explains below how companies can leverage video walls to increase an office space’s functionality.

  • Flexible layouts: Video walls can be applied to any space with any dimensions thanks to their flexibility in layouts. Video walls are usually a collection of monitors arranged in a grid pattern, but there’s so many more possibilities that one simply can’t get from a projector or another alternative display set-up. Office designers can incorporate video walls into a professional or public space in a variety of creative ways, ranging from the simple grid set-up to more abstract, curved, and even 3D designs sure to make an impact on any viewer.
  • High quality images and presentations: Equipped with no resolution limits, video walls display crystal clear images across a large area, capturing every detail of a highly visual presentation or brilliant promotional video. In addition to their high resolution, video walls also have backlit LED displays that never look washed out in natural light. Instead, the colors and images will display in a vivid brightness under all circumstances. The eye-catching image quality of a video wall can be equipped for many uses, but will be especially impactful for important presentations and company events.

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  • Interactive displays: Even better than just a video wall are interactive video walls. Incorporating interactivity involves viewers personally, and could serve various purposes in a professional space. Interactive video walls can be used for displaying company calendars, at public events, and during interactive workshops for employees. From swiping to flip pages, touching bubbles to reveal more content, or displaying a large interactive chart of company performance, the possibilities are endless.
  • Enhanced presentation experience: A video wall can be a remarkable presentation tool. Not only does it provide a superior display for important presentations, it gives the presenter more options in terms of presentation manipulation. An interactive video wall used during a presentation will capture viewer’s attention with beautiful graphics, dynamic presenter-content interactions, and the impressive, modern technology.

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Your employees will be excited to interact with this new piece of office equipment, guaranteeing an upgrade in their presentation visuals. Video walls are the display of the future. Impress visitors, clients, and partners alike with the remarkable crispness of a video wall.

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